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Glorious audacity meets brazen audacious gaslighting

Nothing like American sheer brazen audacity.

Will Trump take California?

h/t MichaelSmithNews.


A lot of people are getting a thrill, “goosebumps” even from this video. Read the comments under the twitter feed.

It’s easy to scoff (what are the odds) but there is a place for this naked ambition. Gotta love the showmanship. Sure, it’s over the top, but some might just be inspired to do great things.

Gotta be amazed that this competitor is the best the Dems could find.

Meanwhile a different kind of brazen is coming from the left

The message from the left is just as audacious, but it’s pure Gaslighting. People are saying things that are absurdly untrue as if they were obvious, and doing it repeatedly.

Tonight the Australian ABC  News finally mentioned the Hunter Biden scandal, but then wrapped it all as something created by an anti-China group (nobody mention Taiwan). They carefully implied –without saying it — that the laptop was released in dirty power plays outside America (dissident Chinese).  At no point did they say that Hunter left it at a Repair Shop, signed for it, and never came back. Nor did they mention Tony Bobulinski’s independent accounts, or the 26,000 emails provided by Bidens jailed former partners.  ABC viewers won’t know that there are three entirely separate sources of scandalous evidence against Hunter Biden and some that directly implicate Joe Biden. In this way, without actually lying overtly, they lied by omission. Though I could be wrong. They may have flat out lied. The ABC has changed “iview” and we can’t fast forward it now making it much harder to quote them exactly. Coincidence? Nah. It’s just the government coming to help us.

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