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Some people were searching “Election Fraud Punishment” *before* the election

It’s almost like some people were considering doing something a bit naughty?

At the Caldron Pool someone noticed that searches for “Election Fraud Punishment” were trending high in late October in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Searches for “Election Fraud Punishment” Peak in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania Days Before the Election

Searches for “Election Fraud Punishment” peaked in three significant states in the lead up to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, according to Google Trends.


Election Fraud Punishment search on Google Trends

Election Fraud Punishment search on Google Trends

I note that the Google Machine shows up different results now, but this post has been circulating for a few days. If Google is willing to suppress the Hunter Biden Laptop and MAGA rallies, what’s a few revised trends?

Someone has those IPs.

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