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Trump — a man versus a movement — the most important election since 1860

There’s a revolution underway. The true Republicans, The Trump fans need to explain what is really going on and what is at stake. And Tom Klingenstein has a great message (there are deep considered raves and admiration in comments at the site where this was released.) He has captured a meme many people need to hear.

 Trump 2020: A Man vs. A Movement, by Tom Klingenstein

h/t to Stephen Harper and David E.

 Or read the speech here:

I wish to make three points. First, Trump is the perfect man for these times, not all times, perhaps not most times, but these times. Second, Republicans are not doing a good job explaining the stakes in this election. They must explain, and this is my third point, that the Democratic Party, which has been taken by its radical wing, is leading a revolution. This makes the coming election the most important one since the election of 1860. Let’s begin there.

Unlike most elections, this one is much more than a contest over particular policies—like health care or taxes. Rather, like the election of 1860, this election is a contest between two competing regimes, or ways of life. Two ways of life that cannot exist peacefully together.

It’s Traditional America versus Many-cultural America

In the traditional way of life “there are no hyphenated Americans”, “we are all Americans.” America is colorblind. People are judged by their character and their actions, not by their skin color or their ancestry.  Multicultural equals many-cultural, and too many cultures really means no cultures at all, no dominant values or principles.

The Black Lives Matter/Democrats understand (which Republicans seem not to), that if they are to achieve this policy agenda they must get Americans to change their values, their principles, and the way they understand themselves.

They must get us to believe that national borders and colorblindness are racist; that we are not one culture but many; that the most important thing in our history—the thing around which all else pivots—is slavery. More broadly, the multiculturalists must get us to believe that we are unworthy—not just that we have sinned (which of course we have)—but that we are irredeemably sinful, or, in the language of today, “systemically racist.” And sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and all the other “ists” and phobias. Simply put, multiculturalism must get us to believe we are bad

This suggests one way to frame the coming election: as a contest between a man, Trump, who believes America is good and a man, Biden, who is controlled by a movement that believes America is bad. I do not think it is any more complicated than that.

The power of the nuclear family, and the influence of elders threatens “State Power”. The young cannot be allowed to respect the old and wise, or be too influenced by their parents.

For the multiculturalist to change traditional values and principles they must destroy, or radically restructure, the institutions that teach those values and principles. The most important of these institutions is family, but also very important is religion, education (which they have mostly destroyed already) and community life, replacing the latter with government bureaucrats. It is here—in these value-teaching institutions—that we see the underpinnings of the Revolution. This is where the real action is. Republicans seem to be missing in action.

Republicans need to explain that BLM and their Democratic enablers wish to destroy the traditional mother-father family. To substantiate this claim, Republicans have only to point to the BLM mission statement. The mission statement, written by avowed Marxists, also lets us know that BLM holds transgenderism to be the burning issue of our time.

Religion is a major threat to collectivist Big Government power. It hampers the authoritarian messaging if people derive wisdom and influence from an independent group that cannot be bought with money, and who question the edict of selected experts (who often can be bought with careers, junkets, medals or glory).

Republicans must also explain that religion, because it teaches American values, is also on the chopping block.

Republicans also must make American see that the taking down of statues is not about removing a few confederate generals; it’s about destroying America’s past, as is the New York Times 1619 Project. The rioters, and their BLM-Democrats enablers, are tearing down the statues even of people like Frederick Douglass who fought against slavery. This is not an accident. It is not collateral damage. Frederick Douglass was a great American. He believed that America in her soul was not racist. He believed in hard work and self-reliance. And because of his embrace of American values the BLM-Democrats have to get rid of him.

They must also get rid of Abraham Lincoln, for it is he who best explains what we should aspire to. And it is he who is the best defender of the American Founding. In one sense, this election is a referendum on the Founding. Whether America was founded in 1619, as the BLM-Democrats contend, or, in 1776 as Lincoln, and, until recently, all Americans believed.

Republicans must make more of political correctness and cancel culture, which, as we have seen so vividly of late, brutally punishes apostates.

Who does Twitter think it is, censoring an American president? Republicans simply cannot stand for that.

And Republicans must explain, as I earlier explained, that the multiculturalists are trying to get us to believe that we are systemically racist so that we will surrender to their policy agenda. This too must not be allowed to stand. The American people need to hear what they know in their hearts: they are not racists. Republicans should stand up and say, “no, America is not racist.” Period.

If Americans are systemically anything, it is a systemic commitment to freedom and equal rights for all.

America has brought more freedom and more prosperity to more people than any country in the history of mankind.

…. Read it all at AM Greatness

 Trump versus Biden is the choice between a man who believes America is good and a man who is controlled by a movement which believes America is bad.

Why so many voters support Donald Trump: a letter to baffled non-Americans. By Robert Hutchinson.

The first thing you have to understand is that, for tens of millions of ordinary working Americans, the two-party system is broken. A sense of disenfranchisement has been growing for decades.

Many Americans, both liberals and conservatives, believe that the two major political parties are utterly indifferent to their real concerns and are merely tools of big multinational corporations.

Virtually all of the organs of modern American society now speak with a single, increasingly intolerant and authoritarian voice — the media, “woke” corporations, universities, the judiciary, even parts of the military.

That’s why an astonishing 62 percent of Americans now say they hold political views they are afraid to express in public.

Thus, for many Americans a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for freedom — and against the authoritarian bureaucrats and cancel culture commissars who now openly terrorize innocent people and make public life so threatening.

The second thing non-Americans must understand is how utterly discredited the corporate media have become in the eyes of ordinary Americans.

Conservatives have long complained about “liberal bias” among the smug media class, but the election of Donald Trump revealed just how deep and widespread that bias really is.

Americans are shocked, on an almost daily basis, by the amount of overt political propaganda they must now endure from the major television and cable networks, the prestige press and the tightly controlled social media and search engines of the tech billionaires.

The talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, and the major TV networks display a public hatred for Donald Trump that borders on the insane — and there is a huge disconnect between what the media claim Donald Trump says and what Americans can see, with their own eyes, he actually says.

Good science depends on a Good Civilization. And a Good Civilization depends on Free Speech.

As I’ve said before, Civilization is nothing without science. But Science is nothing without civility. When bullies rule science, the loudest voices win, not the correct ideas. This is the battle of political correctness versus scientific correctness.


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