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The systematic crime families of the USA

I’ve been in this business a long time and this is the biggest coverup I’ve ever seen, and the biggest scandal I’ve heard of.

Joe Biden’s a crook and has been for years…

— Rudi Guiliani

In the video below Guiliani spells out the extended Biden family network involved. He explains how politicians get rich by selling their national policy to the highest bidder but hide it by getting the payment sent through a network of family members and he (Rudi) has numbers and names. He mentions salacious disturbing footage, and points out that the FBI has all the photos, and so does China too, making the Bidens a national security risk.

Why didn’t Obama stop it? “There was a very similar scheme operated by the Clintons…”

The Democrats are better than Biden, says Guiliani.


Steve Bannon — It’s all coming out on Debate Night:

“We know this is serious because Joe Biden is now in the witness protection program. He’s in hiding. He doesn’t want to answer any questions. Not even from the soft supportive media. It’s all going to come out in Thursday night’s debate.”

Chinese Communist intelligence had access to the Vice President. The FBI has been sitting on this since December last year.

The FBI is getting involved in a Presidential election. Again. This is a major scandal. There is a set pattern over the last ten years… of the Biden family being involved in getting access for the Chinese Communist Party to the Vice President.

Lou Dobbs tonight (video above)– focuses on what the FBI should have done and what questions Biden and the FBI should be asked. Heard on the show “Biden makes Hilary look like an amateur when it comes to converting public office into private gain.”
The mainstream media backing off this is making it bigger. This is about getting people out to vote.

It’s not about Hunter Biden, this is about Joe Biden, compromised by the Communist Chinese Party.

When asked about the microphone being switched off Bannon replies: They’re not going to be able to mute Donald Trumps voice, just his microphone.

h/t Bill C.

PS Back to more normal programming soon, but the local blackout of news on this topic begs for attention, and in the end, a lot of science policy all over the world, quietly hinges on the voters on November 3.


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