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Has the British Labour Party reinvented itself?

Did the British Labor Party just agree to Brexit, talk of family, nation, and chuck out the anti-semites?

UK FlagJust when democracy looks dead, comes this.  The British Labour party got savaged in the last election, but they appear to have quietly decided to aim for the centre.

The new leader, Keir Starmer, has apparently “set his sights on the Red Wall seats that Labour had lost.”

Keir Starmer, a true conservative

Maurice Glasman, UnHerd

Brexit was the fault-line that destroyed the Left and created a one-nation Conservatism that would push Labour back to its progressive comfort zone in the big cities, sealing it off from the small towns and working class heartlands forever. The Conservatives would be in power for a generation and when Keir Starmer was elected leader, it sealed the deal. A Remainian lawyer could never heal the wounds.

They [the Tories] didn’t notice when he said that the issue of Brexit had been resolved and Labour supported leaving the EU by the end of the year. The biggest issue in British politics had dissolved into a previous era and the Covid response was centre stage. They didn’t notice when Rebecca Long-Bailey was sacked and all links with the Corbyn camp were severed. They didn’t notice the hundreds of letters of suspension that went out to people who had said strange things about Jews. They didn’t notice that he was writing articles on VE day in the Telegraph, on Memorial Sunday in the Mail and whenever he liked in the Sun — an act considered treachery by Labour leaders for more than a decade. They didn’t notice that he was tapping into a form of modest Labour patriotism that once had deep roots in the Party, and still does in the country.

All this seemed impossible to imagine under Jeremy Corbyn not so long ago. But will this last?  And if the US Democrats lose decisively is there any chance they will quietly drop the Green Marxist cult of overreach, and reinvent themselves at the centre?

Could it be that the voters do matter?

h/t David E.

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