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More viruses imported. Govt says “OK” and plans for faster morgues

Moving at sedimentary-rock speed, the Australian government has finally put a ban on flights from Italy effective at 6pm, and only ten days too late. On the 28th of February Italy had 1700 cases and infections were growing at 30% a day. At that point it was obvious where the numbers were headed. Today France, Spain and Germany are where Italy was then. How many infections will we fly in before we do the inevitable and ban them too?

Meanwhile Western Australia “has a plan” to strangle the state bit by bit, change shopping hours and do faster burials.

All the cases are imported on planes, and all of the solutions include people getting sick. Are we missing something here?

Dr Robertson said the three people had recently flown back from Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Health officials were working to identify the flights on which the three patients travelled and would contact the passengers who sat closest to them, Dr Robertson said.

The pandemic plan, which was last updated in 2014, provides all Government agencies with guidelines to continue to deliver essential services in the event of a widespread coronavirus outbreak.

It includes preparations for school, business and childcare centre closures, cancellations of major events and public transport, and even processes for cemeteries to implement quicker burials.

The plan also considers “special arrangements for shopping hours to avoid overcrowding”.

Some governments can say they were blindsided. Other governments know in advance their policies are killing people.

Keep sending those letters. Get radio talk back active.

Every plane has an increasing chance of bringing people who could unwittingly kill our citizens, and may themselves need precious ICU beds as well.

Rock and Hard place choices here:

We can do deaths and pain and then kill the local tourism and restaurant industry. Or we can demand a two week mandatory quarantine and skip the dying bit and possibly save those industries because we’ll all have the freedom to fly and drive inside our own state.

International quarantine is a bargain compared to domestic lock-downs.


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