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Doctors in West Australia call for closure of state borders

Western Australia, WA. Map.I seem to have the uncanny ability to predict what frontline experts will recommend days in advance. It’s not genius. Just medical training and that the solution to this is so Bleeding Obvious, and politicians are still 2 to 3 weeks behind an exploding epidemic of an inanimate nucleic acid code.

WA hospitals call for state border closures to deal with coronavirus fears (COVID-19)

Top doctors across WA’s biggest hospitals are sensationally calling for the state to effectively close its borders to protect West Australians from the coronavirus pandemic.

In a remarkable letter obtained by The West Live to be discussed exclusively on this morning’s show, it can be revealed the Combined Medical Leads Advisory Group has raised concerns about the “extremely limited” availability of testing infrastructure and supplies in WA.

The group, which includes senior medicos from FSH, RPH and SCGH, also warns there is “limited evidence of effective anti-viral treatment”, “no effective vaccine” and that rationing is already in place at hospitals.

It recommends that to “flatten the curve” that attention should be paid to “extending isolation restrictions to all personal interstate travel”.

Just to spell this out, all states without community transmission have the chance to quickly put this virus back in the box. The first thing they need to stop is stop flying in the virus. Then they track and isolate all current cases, and if appropriate, tell people to stay home, call off all movement in the state and suspend everything bar essential services. Then within three to four weeks said state will be in blissful nirvana where all citizens can fly inside the state, take holidays, resume their normal jobs, send their kids to normal schools, and get elective surgery, medical care and all the normal things we hope for.

After this point border quarantine must be maintained. The state must be vigilant for any outbreak. When outbreaks occur, we track and trace.

As I said two days ago, trucks and trade still cross the border even during the lockdown but the drivers (fresh virus fuel) are either swapped at the border or kept only in special sealed hotels before they return.

So if you want to save the local economy, thousands of lives and our very way of life — Close the Borders Now.

I remain baffled as to why so many people think we have to let this virus run wild, and why the cost of domestic door to door lock down is not seen as hideously expensive and therefore state border closures are a bargain compared to the inevitable pain and suffering coming.

In the UK and US, Canada there will still be regions where there is no community spread yet. These can be saved, and then as more clean regions are achieved more flights and movement between these safe regions will rescue airlines, tourism agents, etc etc. The world will soon be divided into the countries or states which have beaten this virus and those which haven’t.

The Clean World = Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore. Imagine your home state there and start working on that future.

Note from blogger: For fed up readers — yes, I get it. Normal transmission will resume soon. In comments, I’ve explained that the area of science I was always most passionate about was virology, disease, and genes (my majors and research)*. I would never have guessed in a billion years that I would end up writing a blog on climate science. And just as I feel in the climate debate that I can help the hands-on experts explain their case with renewable energy and meteorology, in this medical debate there are thousands of doctors and medical researcher nerds who are political and media naffs that seem to need some help.

*Also prevention of such, which means nutrition etc — don’t get me started, take your D, Zn, and Se. :- )






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