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ABC says Arson = 1%. NSW police say 42% of fires are man-made. 9% are “natural”. Rest unknown. (So far)

It’s an arson epidemic

Holy Smoke Batman! An astonishing 12,000 fires have started in New South Wales since August. The police have investigated 1700 so far. Of those, fully 42% are described as “deliberately lit” which includes both intentional and accidental and at the moment police refuse to put a number on how many are truly arson, as opposed to people deliberately lighting a campfire which ran amok. Only 156 fires of the total investigated, or 9%,  were caused naturally (presumably that means by lightning).

Another 745 fires of the 1700 are not yet determined. There seems plenty of scope to increase the number of man-made fires but I would assume the extent of lightning strikes are already known.

‘Like nothing we’ve ever seen before’: police step up bushfire investigations

Forty specialist police officers will investigate to zero in on and profile would-be arsonists. “Strike Force Tronto is about profiling. It’s about zeroing in on serial arsonist behaviours that occurs during the bushfire period,” he said.

“That sets the framework for the next fire season so that we do zero in on and target those individuals who we believe may be involved in arsonist behaviour. “This summer we have interacted with 15 individuals that will face court or legal action relative to behaviour around the bushfire period,” he said.

New figures provided by police on Friday showed that legal action has been taken against 55 people for fires that were allegedly deliberately lit since August 1.

Arson and man-made fires threaten the ABC’s reputation and agenda

Long before the police investigated, the ABC announced the “truth” already, using their taxpayer funded crystal balls. Arson obviously doesn’t fit the agenda of the climate change religion. Not only does it show how pointless solar panels and windmills are, but it also shows how the ABC have been misleading the nation to fill their own wallets, or spread their personal religion. The fire issue means millions of Australians may wake up to find out just how politicized their ABC “news” is.

Helpfully, the ABC gives us clues that it is outrageously fibbing. If they say something is “true”, we know it isn’t.

The truth about Australia’s fires — arsonists aren’t responsible for many this season

By Kevin Nguyen, Tim Brunero, Sarah Thomas, Daniel Keane and Nicole Mills, ABC FakeNews Division, January 11th

Only about 1 per cent of the land burnt in NSW this bushfire season can be officially attributed to arson, and it is even less in Victoria, the ABC can reveal.

Given that most fires couldn’t be attributed to anything at that stage, the ABC forgot to mention the “unknown” category, and sliced the data so they could list the smallest possible percentage. In this case, “1%” of the area burnt.

The disaster has sparked significant media speculation that many of the blazes were deliberately lit.

While it is true firebugs remain a legitimate and serious threat, we crunched the numbers provided by police and fire authorities around the country.

The results might surprise you.

Surprised? No. But the self-serving gall of ABC “public servants” never fails to amaze.

Apparently arsonists only light grass fires.

NSW has been the epicentre of Australia’s bushfire crisis, but the facts show arson has little to do with it.

This week, a NSW Police media release revealed 24 people had been charged over deliberately-lit bushfires this season.

However, the majority of suspected arson relates to small grass fires and rubbish bins set alight, which have inflicted negligible damage and burnt a tiny area compared with fires sparked by lightning.

As usual, the ABC finds people with some official title who agree with their message and interviews them. They either don’t ask all the other experts, or if they do, they “forget” to mention it.

If the ABC and other Reality TV Shows have increased the rate of arson with their breathless 24/7 apocalyptic coverage, they don’t mention that either.

Save the Koala’s. Sell the ABC.

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