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Keep it coming XR: Just some average Aussie naked people trying to scare the kiddies

Hello to attention seeking patsies everywhere.

Boy are they going to regret this when they figure out they’re not saving The Planet, just the banksters and socialists.

XR protest Dec 22, 2019, Adelaide. Naked.

Rebels stripped down and asked for the naked truth on the climate emergency during peak shopping hours in Rundle Mall, South Australia. #ClimateCrisis #ExtinctionRebellion.  Photo George Mason.

— XRSouthAustralia (@XRSouthAus) December 22, 2019

So this is what happens when Extinction Rebellion grows up:


No more climate cover ups indeed.    Photo George Mason.


Just another ordinary worker trying to warn us about climate werewolves:

XR protestor, Adelaide, Australia.


Someone someday is going to do a very interesting study on the power of suggestion on gregarious hominids. Could industrial marxists convince university educated young men and women to strip naked in public and paint their bodies while forecasting the end of the world if people don’t buy their products? Isn’t education supposed to protect them from that? We got the kids out of the mines and factories and they grew up to be advertising banners for big government instead.

Don’t stop now XR. All you need is someone like this on every street corner.

Seriously, just watch the expressions of South Australians as they walk past the XR Christmas Choir. That’s a nation not freaking out.

h/t To Graham Richardson in The Australian

Extinction Rebellion crowd full of hot air and coffee

 … anything is possible in a land where we sit on 400-year supplies of high-quality coal that will guarantee supply at a reasonable price and a vocal crowd is dumb enough to say we should leave it in the ground.

The worst part of this selfishness is the attempt by some to prevent India from importing our coal to fuel its endeavours to increase living standards. It was only in ­recent decades that some people there still starved to death.

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