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Livestreaming EIKE Climate conference in Munich

The mob tried to shut down these dangerous speakers… but they didn’t win.. though they had to find another venue with only days to go.

The program for the 13th Annual Conference

Friday James Taylor then Benny Pieser, the Dr Helmut Alt,

After lunch, Peter Ridd, Dr. Michael Schnell, Dr Nicola Scaffetta, Dr Susan Crockford, Myron Ebell.

Saturday: Prof. em. Dr. Christian Schlüchter, Prof. Dr. Nicola Scafetta, Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark, Prof. Dr. Nir Shaviv

After lunch, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Limburg, Dr. Sebastian Lüning, Prof. Dr. Horst Lüdecke, Dr. Lutz Niemann, Dr. rer. nat. Götz Ruprecht, Günter Ederer, Wolfgang Müller

I know they have good translators working non-stop. Some of this is in German, much is in English.

EIKE – European Climate and Energy Institute


The program for the 13th Annual Conference

Friday, 22 November
10.00 Hrs Welcome and Introduction
Defending Science
Dr. Holger Thuß
President, Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie (EIKE)
10.15 Hrs Welcome
Dealing with Climate Alarmism in the United States
James Taylor
Senior fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute
17.45 Hrs EU Klimapolitik und der Brexit
Dr. Benny Peiser
Director, Global Warming Policy Foundation
11.15 Hrs Technically almost everything is possible…
Energy-Transformation between Dream and Reality
Prof. Dr. Helmut Alt
University of Applied Sciences, Aachen
12.15 Hrs – 13.45 Hrs Break – Joint Lunch at the Conference Centre
13.45 Hrs The Real Condition of the Great Barrier Reef
Prof. Dr. Peter Ridd – 
via Skype
Former head of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University, Australia
14.15 Hrs The Influence of Green House Gases on Climate: Research in the Field and in the Laboratory
Dr. Michael Schnell
Universität Rostock, Zentralinstitut für organische Chemie Berlin-Adlershof Feinchemie Schwebda GmbH
15.30 Hrs Detection of UHI bias in China climate network using Tmin and Tmax surface temperature divergence
Prof. Dr. Nicola Scafetta
Università di Napoli Federico II, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
16.15 Hrs – 16.45 Hrs Break
16.45 Hrs The Polar Bear Catastrophe that never happened
Dr. Susan Crockford
Scientist and author
17.45 Hrs US Climate Policy 3 years after the Presidential Election – Talk and Discussion via Skype
Myron Ebell
Head of President-elect Trump’s Transition Team to reform the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and quitting the Paris-Agreement, Director of Energy & Environmental Policy, Competitive Enterprise Institute
18.45 Hrs Joint Dinner
Saturday, 23 November
9.00 Hrs Climate Change and the melting Alpine Glaciers
Prof. em. Dr. Christian Schlüchter
University of Bern, Institute for Geologie
10.00 Hrs About the Reliability of Climate Models
Prof. Dr. Nicola Scafetta
Università di Napoli Federico II, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
10.45 Hrs – 11.15 Hrs Break
11.15 Hrs Which Role did the Sun Play in Climate Change? What does it mean for us?
Prof. Dr. Henrik Svensmark
Centre for Sun-Climate Research des Danish National Space CentreProf. Dr. Nir Shaviv
Racah Institute of Physics – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
13.00 Hrs – 14.30 Hrs Break – Joint Lunch at the Conference Center
14.30 Hrs What you always wanted to know about Climate Change…
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Limburg

Vice-President, Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie (EIKE)
15.00 Hrs How much of the Climate is man-made
Dr. Sebastian Lüning
Die kalte Sonne
15.45 Hrs Natural Limitations of the German Energy Transition
Prof. Dr. Horst Lüdecke
Press Spokes Person, Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie (EIKE)
16.15 Hrs – 16.45 Hrs Break
16.45 Hrs Climate Panic – Radiation Panic
Dr. Lutz Niemann
Physicist and former Radiation Protection Officer
17.30 Hrs Nuclear Power of the 21st Century
Dr. rer. nat. Götz Ruprecht

Institute for Solid State-Nuclear Physics gGmbH
18.15 Hrs Saving the Climate by Abolishing Democracy?
Günter Ederer
Author, Film Producer and Economic Editor
18.45 Hrs Closing Remarks
Wolfgang Müller
Generals Secretary, Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie (EIKE)
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