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David Attenborough’s reputation was last seen falling off a cliff


Attenborough turned a natural phenomenon into an advert for the Climate-scare industry.  As Benny Pieser at GWPF points out Falling Walruses were turned into the new posterboy of climate change, “It would be a sad legacy if he did not set the record straight.””

Here’s the brief synopsis in case you don’t feel like watching walrus horror flicks.

Though this old video that Polar Bear Expert Susan Crockford found is kinda novel — you can see scientists test theories and then throw them out.

Biologists in 1994 noticed walruses falling down a steep incline. They tried to figure it out. They scratch their heads. Admit they don’t know. They saw it happen three years in a row,  and as many as 120 walruses met a flattening end.

The first theory was the animals were trying to escape severe storms, but the next year the weather was perfect. Walruses rolled and crashed again. So did that theory.

The second theory, was that perhaps the sights and sounds of humans were putting them out… but no — discussions with locals suggested not.

The third theory was that they were suicidal. But Dr Seagers, quaintly, doesn’t think we should put human thoughts into a walrus. We have no information, he says with disarming honesty. The lack of any data wouldn’t stop modern climate scientists of course. They could always do a Monte-Carlo on 3,000 model runs of simulated walrus brains.

In the end Dr Seager thinks it’s probably just that the mass walrus gathering has become too crowded. He says they spread out and change the terrain making new paths, and they simply have access to higher ground to fall off from now (or something like that).

I’m glad I’m not a walrus, though some gullible Greens must be feeling like one.

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There were other flaws in the Netflix documentary which we’ve discussed before.

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