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Blame Climate Change for stupid British Voters choosing Brexit says ABC

If only we had built more windmills, and changed more light-globes we could have prevented the British voting to control their own nation. It all makes sense — if you are insane, or a broadcaster paid one billion a year to promote Big Government.

What a disaster — the fifth largest economy choose to trade more with the rest of the world and be less under the thumb of Germany and Brussels. Such madness needs an explanification. So here it is: Our coal plants caused a terrible drought in Syria which made lots of nice people seek refuge in rich countries, I mean “globally”, and that made people talk about a refugee problem in the UK (which wasn’t really a problem, see) and that made scared, selfish and small minded populist voters choose fear and Brexit over the glorious wonder of the EU.

 This is the genius analysis we pay Sabra Lane and the ABC for:

SABRA LANE: Could it be that Brexit, the UK voting to leave the EU, is the result of a cascading series of events due in part to climate change?

ROBERT GLASSER: Yeah, so there was a persistent drought that effected the region, probably the worst drought in something like 900 years and as a result of that drought there were major failures of crops and literally millions of people moved from rural areas into the cities and when they arrived they were exacerbating existing social tensions.

So this wasn’t by any means the cause of the Syrian civil war, but it was certainty a factor and that migration, the increased instability resulted in this cascading, really profound cascading impacts.

You had a refugee crisis in the region that became a refugee crisis in Europe, actually a global refugee crisis.

There was quite a lot of discussion at the time about the refugee problem in the UK and it was a major feature of the discussions around Brexit. And so you had the Brexit, this contributing to Brexit and you had it also contributing at the same time to the rise of right wing populist governments in Europe that further undermined the EU as an institution.

Let’s just isolate the hard-hitting deep questioning and great research by Sabra Lane

Below are all her words in the entire interview where “climate change” is made out to be a political force. Among his ambitious claims, Robert Glasser says the worst-in-900-year drought was “a factor” in the Syrian War, caused crop failures, migration to the cities of the Middle East, increased social tensions, which led to mass emigration, and caused the rise of right wing populist governments in Europe. Furthermore it will cause the collapse of coral reefs, shrink fish supplies 10%, have a huge impact on 130 million people living near Australia. Our defense force needs to strategize. Moreso, the fish will move south  so that will decrease our fish stocks (because Australian boats apparently don’t go south, and we can’t eat the extra tropical fish we’ll get). And onwards brother, climate change will also cause more bush fires and El Ninos, more crop plagues, more hot days where crop-pickers need to rest, and make grains harder to get (despite grain crops rising practically every year in this “peak heat”).

So what does Lane say when faced with abject nonsense?

“All right”.

If Sabra Lane was a hired Informercial talk-face for Big-Government advertising, she would sound… just like this:

SABRA LANE: Could it be that Brexit, the UK voting to leave the EU, is the result of a cascading series of events due in part to climate change?

Robert Glasser, a visiting fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, thinks a case can be argued that it might well have had an impact, and that it could be an example of the disruptive side-effects of a warming planet.

He’s warning in a new report out this morning, that Australia needs to be better prepared to deal with an ‘era of disasters’, which will have a profound effect on our economy and way of life.

Dr Glasser previously served as the special representative to the UN Secretary-General on risk reduction and he joins us now.

Good morning and welcome.

Let’s get to that Brexit argument first….

SABRA LANE: Can you concisely explain your thinking on how climate change played a role there?

SABRA LANE: All right, and you think cascading effects around drought, food security and people movement are risks that Australia and our neighbours should be prepared for – how big a risk is it?

SABRA LANE: So Dr Glasser, sorry you argue that senior military and security leaders need to be aware of this and preparing for this – how?

SABRA LANE: All right, Dr Glasser from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, thanks for joining AM this morning.

I nominate this one for Big Gov Ad-Queen of 2019

Has there been a more patronizing, condescending, less informed interview on their ABC?

Buried between the lines is the message that right wing voters are fooled by weather events and couldn’t possibly have any rational reason to vote for Brexit or oppose mass immigration. (This study shows the opposite). Obvious in every word Sabra says is that she has done no research, and read no opposing views, possibly because she knows she is smarter than the 17 million people that live in the UK and voted for Brexit. Oh the burden of being so gifted!

Hello Sabra: Cold kills and warming will save lives. Crops love CO2 and warm weather.The worst droughts were 1,000 years ago and had nothing to do with CO2, and the models are hopelessly broken, unverified and failing, which suggests the latest droughts were entirely natural. There is no respectable evidence that “climate change”, whatever that distorted abused term means, has anything to do with El Ninos, which no expert in the world can predict a year in advance (or sometimes even 3 months out). Likewise bushfires have always happened, and coral bleaching too. For the last hundred thousand years humans have over-populated areas, suffered famine and war and emigrated in waves to better places.

What is really remarkable is that for the last hundred years, finally, there are a few civilized nations where almost no one starves, and war-lords don’t rape, pillage, murder and enslave people. In these, the most precious islands of peace and prosperity, we are so wealthy, beyond the imaginings of billions of people, that we can afford to pay *possibly as much as* a quarter of a million dollars a year to lazy, self serving, incompetent people like Sabra Lane.

To all the people who are fed up with that and help support me to say so, Thank You.

More info that Sabra could have found for free:


*Edited to reflect that those figures are speculative, not definitive (and why aren’t their salaries officially published?)

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