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Climate change causes three meters of snow in two days, avalanches in Europe

It’s not well known, but in the same way that climate change causes every hot weekend it also causes snow dumps, avalanches, and freak weather. The scientific link is just as strong and calculated the same way. Take a tendentious cross-correlation on free-range seasonal assumptions, and then pour Vodka in the Cray.

If only the Germans had built more windmills they could have stopped this.

Chaos in ski resorts, people trapped, road closed, flights canceled

Three metres of snow fell in the space of 48 hours in some parts of the country and more than a metre is forecast to fall today and tomorrow. — The Times (paywalled)

Heavy snow paralysed much of Europe for yet another day, cutting off mountain villages, sparking avalanches like one that crashed into a Swiss hotel, and killing at least four people.

At least 21 weather-related deaths have been reported in Europe in the last 10 days.


With three million dollars to spend today (like every day) the ABC found cute photos of white stuff on cuddly sheep and scooters to fit the deadly theme. Nice.

There is avalanche danger, blocked roads and floods in Southern Germany.

The Beast From The East comes back to Britain

The UK is headed for the coldest weekend of the year — The Express

A swathe of bitter air will pour in from the Arctic pushing temperatures to freezing or below across the entire country through the next 48 hours.

Scotland, northern England and even parts further south are on alert for wintry downpours towards the end of the week and into the weekend.

It could be the first widespread snowfall since the Beast from the East brought Britain to a near standstill last winter.

Campaigners have reiterated calls for elderly and vulnerable people to take extra care during cold weather.

The weekend blast may be linked to the Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) which appeared in December. Temperatures suddenly rose over the Arctic up high above the jet streams. Often cold temperatures on the surface seem to kick in two weeks or so later.

A possibly lengthy winter blast will be driven by warming of the air over the North Pole encouraging a colder airflow into the UK.

The so-called Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW), which was the driver for last year’s crippling snowfall, set in at the end of December

The US is having it’s own winter storm.
Best wishes to our Northern Hemisphere friends.
h/t to GWPF


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