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Help. Science blogger needs support…

If your bureaucrats want to control the weather with power stations you need Civilization Swat.


Oops, please. The bank balance is trending to zero, and I must pay attention. Can you can spare the equivalent of a beer, a steak, or a month of bandwidth ($100) for 2018? I, we, will be ever so grateful.

We can do this thanks to philanthropists like you. It’s a testament to the fantastic readers here that nine years, 2,863 posts and 450,000 comments later, this blog is still going and somehow a family of five just gets by. Long live the internet!   Details on how to help below:

Thanks for your contribution, no matter how big or small, to theTip Jar’ via Pay Pal or credit card (or located at the top right of the page). There are also  non-paypal, direct transfer, non-credit card options, and the account is happy to have $A, $US, and pounds, euros, CAD and NZD too. (NAB Account BSB: 086420 Number:563148308. Cheers!

Independent science needs independent support.

PS: Merry Christmas to you!

 Paypal buttons below: (I’ll keep this a sticky post for a few days).

 UPDATE GBP Button fixed.

Click on the currency button, and write in the quantity.

Other non-paypal, non-credit card options (ie. mail and direct transfer details).

PS: Thanks to WC, AJ, CK, AR, GC, BM, MB, TK, X, JL, KR, people who help regularly through NAB and who I would like to thank. You know who you are!

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