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Turnbull, Andrews achievements: 1,000 unemployed, prices up, blackouts coming

Good afternoon Prime Minister and Premier,

Before we move on to your new partnership, let us think about Scott Morrison’s words:

“Governments must do no harm”.

As a political thinker he is “out there”, our Scotty isn’t he Gentlemen?

Perhaps we need him on the home team in the energy market do you think?

National Electricity Market Grid 4th April 2017

National Electricity Market Grid 4th April 2017 (Click to enlarge)

The solid basis on which the Turnbull/Andrews  partnership needs to be formed has to originate with the achievements you have both made so far.  Let’s list them:

Gentlemen, even a compliant media will not save you from what is going to happen soon.

Gas Shortage fears as prices soar, article. Australian Electricity Grid. News.

Click to enlarge to read.

Your choices are simple:

  1. Wait for a single interconnector trip or other unplanned event to black out a whole slab of Eastern Australia and then receive an absolute flogging over Hazelwood and be forced into an embarrassing re-start of the Station.
  2. Have some initiative, form a strong home team together and get the Station fired up again without delay.

You have both seen that the Weatherillesque technique of blaming everyone else for his own failures – even with a fully compliant S.A. media on side – wears a bit thin when the lights go out and voters get ready to reach for baseball bats – so it is time for you to form a partnership and start doing the right thing Gentlemen.

You will both be congratulated for putting childish Politics to one side and behaving like true leaders.

Thankyou and best regards,


Senior Project Engineer, Australian Manufacturer

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