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Cory Bernardi to quit Liberal Party — What do the Libs stand for?

With no mainstream alternative party standing up for freedom, free speech, small government, and free markets, Cory is about to make a speech to let Parliament know why he is quitting the Liberal Party and will now be an independent senator.

He is one of the many anti-establishment representatives out there. Australia has no Trump, but the vacuum left by the Liberal Party’s slide to the far left will pull something together. Perhaps Bernardi and the 50,0Australian Conservatives Logo00 people on his Australian Conservatives membership list will help achieve that.

Daily Telegraph has live coverage.

The current Liberal party doesn’t want Australians to speak their minds in case they cause offense. It forces us all to pay big dollars for fantasies that we might change the weather for our great grandchildren by a hundredth of a degree. It won’t allow us to buy the cheapest safe energy.  Won’t allow us to discuss real problems. Won’t audit foreign committees that tell us what to do. The Australian Liberal Party is an alt-left option that stands for nothing.

Pyne serves up a dose:

Christopher Pyne ‏@cpyne  5h5 hours ago
The Liberal Party’s values are not limited to conservatism. We are Liberals because we are open to new ideas; tolerant of difference; modern and forward looking; we believe in reward for effort and sharing Australia’s good fortune with those in need. 

Those who tolerate all differences defend none. Those who stand for something draw a line. There are always differences we won’t accept.

As for our great fortune — we are blessed, but we are 24 million of 7 billion. Sharing has a limit. Innumerate motherhood lines are conversation spam — the only thing that matters are the numbers. How many people are we sharing our fortunes with?

Tony Abbott’s facebook feed is full of people telling him to wake up:

Raymond Nolan
Raymond Nolan Tony, the Liberal Party has left us, the Conservative voter. I don’t blame Cory one bit for making this move. I can only hope that you and others will follow him. The Liberal Party, as it is now, is not worth saving.
Jordan Thrupp
Jordan Thrupp Benardi has been conveying his position for a long time. There has been no apparent progress or shift in direction from the party, despite his contribution in hope to alter course. How long should he persist? How long should conservative liberal voters/supporters wait to bring national debate back to things that matter? Prosecuting conservative agenda/debate from within party room is falling on deaf ears.


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