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Mods take over the site, ask for emergency chocolate

We Must Maintain the Pressure
Dear Readers and Supporters,

The Moderators have temporarily seized control of the posts. We mods happen to know some big bills are piling up, and the bank account is very low heading into Christmas, and Jo doesn’t like to ask, but your support keeps this work, research and blog going. Please hit the tip jar, buy Jo and David a beer, a steak, a month on the server ($100), or a mini-break.

The Real IPCC consensus

The Climate Skeptic Movement has had a phenomenal year in 2016, though there is much still to do to slow the trillion dollar juggernaut that takes from the poor and gives to the wealthy. Progress is only happening through the persistent and hard work of prominent skeptics like Jo Nova who’s material is reproduced around the world, who continues to inspire and inform and who takes the brunt of abuse from climate alarmists in politicians and the main stream media.

As you all know Joanne came from a science communication background and once worked with our national publicly funded ABC, the ANU and the National Science and Technology Centre. Jo doesn’t say it on the blog, but asking questions about the ‘accepted’ science created a rift between her and her former colleagues and friends. She stayed true to the science and had the courage to establish this award-winning blog. Unfortunately, contrary to propaganda, Jo is not funded by big oil, coal, or any other fossil fuel interests.

The other half in this extraordinary partnership is Dr David Evans who has sacrificed a comfortable job in government or academia because his work has found inconvenient answers. His work on The Notch-Delay Solar Theory detailed here may well help break through the defences of the UN IPCC’s amateur-hour science when more scientists who are actually skilled in statistical analysis and physics are exposed to it.

Who will ever forget the UK’s leading climate scientist, Dr Phil Jones, head of the UK Climate Research Unit admitting he couldn’t plot a trend using Excel in his Dec 2007 Climategate email? That is what we are dealing with, and once more politicians start demanding answers to the climate skeptics questions, the IPCC will be found wanting.This will only happen if the Climate Skeptic Movement, headed by people like Jo Nova and Dr David Evans, keep raising the questions and reaching the public and main stream media consciousness to prompt the politicians to ask the right questions. We moderators are awed by Joanne and David’s dedication, and what they have been through, to continue this work while trying to pay the bills and raise three lovely young, bright children.

They can’t do it without your help.We know Joanne and David don’t like to ask, but they live frugally and they and their children have missed out on a lifestyle they could have enjoyed had they not ‘bucked’ the system.We are asking you to ensure Joanne and David continue this important fight to stop the waste of trillions of dollars in taxpayer funds and economic opportunity costs. We know some people make regular or occasional contributions, but it isn’t paying the mortgage. Please make a contribution today, no matter how big or small, to theTip Jar’ via Pay Pal or credit card (or located at the top right of the page). There are  non-paypal, non-credit card options .This really shouldn’t be called a ‘Tip Jar’, it is their ‘existence fund’! We hope you believe their existence in the climate debate is as important and valuable as we do.

All the Moderators would like to take this opportunity to thank contributors for your patience and understanding that we Moderators are all volunteers working at the site on an ‘as available’ basis. Fortunately for us, most contributors do follow the rules of the site, and ‘play nice’ with those they may disagree with. We look forward to your continued participation for the rest of 2016 and in the New Year.

May you all have a very safe and happy holidays season and 2017.
The Moderators  

Mod, Ed, AZ, Fly, CTS and Oggi

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