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Bloomberg tells business leaders to say climate change is real or risk “survival”

The 6th richest guy in the US and the head of a major media corporation made it clear last December:

No CEO could survive if they tried to say climate change isn’t real,” Bloomberg said, offering a suggestion for why Fox News rarely features business leaders to tout climate sceptic positions.                |      BusinessGreen Dec 4th 2015

What about business leaders who just have a few doubts? He’s got that covered too:

“You don’t sit there and say ‘I’m not sure it’s a real risk’. Bloomberg said.

Apparently the Big Fear of  Michael Bloomberg and Mark Carney (head of the Bank of England) is that a few business leaders will start asking questions or speaking their minds, and we can’t have that.

Successful entrepreneurs could be quite a scary force if many of them started speaking out. They have clout. They are not the gullible types and if they paid attention to this debate or even asked good questions, the whole House of Carbon would come undone so easily. That’s why it’s a big No No  for leaders to ask questions, the believers know they don’t have the answers.

These kinds of warnings need to be unpacked and discussed or they work. Business leaders who are willing to pander to the meme will still issue press releases and earn Bloomberg brownie points (or at least stay of the target), but those with doubts may feel intimidated and silenced. This stops those annoying independent thinkers from congregating and cooperating.

But real leaders speak their minds. They don’t fall for this naked gambit.

The message to CEO’s — Call their bluff… ask smart questions because investors can spot the fakes.


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