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Local Event: Gold – and Western History – plus wine, cheese, Perth Friday night

Perth readers may want to come tomorrow night as David Evans discusses the role of gold in western history.

Gold – Past, Present and Future?

Classic Nights — History of Western Civilisation
An Adult Education initiative from St Augustine’s

Explores the history of gold as a medium of exchange, and its role in curbing financial shenanigans down the ages. The origins of banking, the global financial crisis, and the next decade — the world has more debt than ever before, the situation is not sustainable, and major changes of some sort are afoot. It’s a chance to discuss ideas that have shaped human history.

Current financial markers are a long way from the norm:

Welfare, Debt to GDP ratio, 2015, Bubble, Economy. Graph.

The welfare state enabled by the bubble in taxes, made possible by the bubble in money manufactured due to Greenspan’s policies.

To reduce the current bubble, central banks are trying to generate moderate but controlled inflation. The winners will be the borrowers (who don’t get wiped out with the volatility), the losers will be everyone else, especially the savers.

Event details below.

Dr David Evans – A graduate of Stanford University. David has been involved in analyzing the gold market and fiat currencies for many years.

Friday 24 June at the Church of the Good Shepherd,
84 Clayton Street, Bellevue (near Midland)
$10 towards light refreshments. Pay at the door.

RSVP to director AT saintaugustines.com.au

6.30pm Welcome, cheese and wine
7.00 – 7.45pm lecture
7.45 – 8.00pm questions
8.00pm – end of formal session

Past events in this series included the oldest written literature, Homer’s Odyssey, Beowulf, the Magna Carta.

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Dr David Evans: PhD, M.S. (E.E.), M.S. (Stats) [Stanford Uni], B.Eng, M.A., B.Sc., University Medal, [Syd Uni]. For anyone who doesn’t know already, I’m married to David Evans and he is the author of the climate modeling research series here. David is a Director of Goldnerds, and has spoken at Gold Conferences, (including Indaba at Cape Town). I (we) do occasional blog  on Monetary History, Free Markets, , , and .

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