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Local Event: Gold – and Western History – plus wine, cheese, Perth Friday night

Perth readers may want to come tomorrow night as David Evans discusses the role of gold in western history.

Gold – Past, Present and Future?

Classic Nights — History of Western Civilisation
An Adult Education initiative from St Augustine’s

Explores the history of gold as a medium of exchange, and its role in curbing financial shenanigans down the ages. The origins of banking, the global financial crisis, and the next decade — the world has more debt than ever before, the situation is not sustainable, and major changes of some sort are afoot. It’s a chance to discuss ideas that have shaped human history.

Current financial markers are a long way from the norm:

Welfare, Debt to GDP ratio, 2015, Bubble, Economy. Graph.

The welfare state enabled by the bubble in taxes, made possible by the bubble in money manufactured due to Greenspan’s policies.

To reduce the current bubble, central banks are trying to generate moderate but controlled inflation. The winners will be the borrowers (who don’t get wiped out with the volatility), the losers will be everyone else, especially the savers.

Event details below.

Dr David Evans – A graduate of Stanford University. David has been involved in analyzing the gold market and fiat currencies for many years.

Friday 24 June at the Church of the Good Shepherd,
84 Clayton Street, Bellevue (near Midland)
$10 towards light refreshments. Pay at the door.

RSVP to director AT

6.30pm Welcome, cheese and wine
7.00 – 7.45pm lecture
7.45 – 8.00pm questions
8.00pm – end of formal session

Past events in this series included the oldest written literature, Homer’s Odyssey, Beowulf, the Magna Carta.

Or email question to me joanne AT


Dr David Evans: PhD, M.S. (E.E.), M.S. (Stats) [Stanford Uni], B.Eng, M.A., B.Sc., University Medal, [Syd Uni]. For anyone who doesn’t know already, I’m married to David Evans and he is the author of the climate modeling research series here. David is a Director of Goldnerds, and has spoken at Gold Conferences, (including Indaba at Cape Town). I (we) do occasional blog  on Monetary History, Free Markets, , , and .

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17 comments to Local Event: Gold – and Western History – plus wine, cheese, Perth Friday night

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    Sounds good, Jo. Hope you get a huge turnout!


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    I wish you well in making sense of the modern world of economics.

    Inflation is disappearing, interest rates are the lowest in many decades, in many families several generations have lived on government hangouts and the style of government which created this mess is still in there feeding off our political impotence.

    Working out where gold sits amongst all this is a task and a half.

    Good fortune.



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    Rod Stuart

    I would be there in a flash but I’m on the other side of the continent.


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    richard ilfeld

    a bit far to drive, & the range on my tri-pacer is about 12,000 miles short. Will there be a follow-on on-web recording to view?


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    Have a good time.

    I believe your graph probably mirrors the rise in state administered crony capitalism around the world. All the while politicians take the short-term view and decisions, the dead hand of the bureaucrat steers the financial ship towards a currency (fiat money) waterfall.
    Currently government administrations most everywhere is deferring the hard decisions and huge problems for the future generations to take — well good luck to them.


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    Damien Spillane

    But what about Milton Friedman’s claim that a suppression in the money supply perpetuated the GD? This graph seems to contradict it (something Rothbard documented too I believe).


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    Au – the pet rock which may be the only hope for preserving Australia’s National Sovereignty


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    el gordo

    If Brexit fails to get up then the gold price should fall.


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      There is plenty more grief in the pipeline with:-

      Donald v the CFR

      NATO(CRF/RIIA) v Vlad

      the $US losing its reserve status

      the CFR/Four Horseman New Crusade Hegellian Dialectic

      China Au……………..

      Take your pick


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        el gordo

        The West is encouraging China to buy more gold because they have been lagging behind. If the Yuan is to become king then they need to increase their gold reserves.

        Russia is also going out of its way to acquire more the precious metal.


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    Steve of Cornubia

    Now I’ve got a headache.


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    Dang, we will be camping in Lighning Ridge tonight! Definitely want to attend the next talk!


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    exArding James

    When the Craig Wright story broke ( I became more interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

    After reading more and starting to understand in principle how they work I realised that this has the potential to replace the gold standard (or whatever other currency folks imagine is the current “standard”). What is really interesting is that no country or trading block can directly influence bitcoin unless they try to ban it outright… which reminds me of Stephen Conroy’s “great wall of Australia” attempt at regulating the internet.

    My take is that it has the potential to be the basis for true global free market activity (for good and evil :-?).

    What is your take on this David?

    Here is a good source on price and commentary on influences;