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EU panic — yells “xenophobic isolationist” — at people who held the largest global empire in history

EU fans are rightly fearing the unravelling of their empire, built on decades of sneaky, undemocratic bureaucratic creep. The French, Austrians, Finns, Dutch and Germans want a vote on the EU.

All over the establishment media, the derogatory narrative is that “Little Brits” are scared of the outside world, and are xenophobic, racists, too afraid to engage with the rest of the world. So let’s look at how inward-looking and timid the Brits were in times before the EU modern wisdom.

Here’s the British Empire circa 1920:

The Sun never set on the British Empire

Map adapted from Wikipedia

Get into the spirit Rule Brittania! Want more?

“Little Britain” ran the largest empire the world has ever known — spreading democracy, justice, and one language across a broader array of races and places than any other nation.  (And the real Anglosphere includes The United States of America.)

The Brits are the bigots who outlawed slavery, widow-burning and fostered democracy in India.

It’s not surprising that the Brits are leading the way out of the false anti-democratic empire known as the European Union.

The fight has just begun

Based on past form, we know that self-serving Virtue-Signallers will do everything in their power to ignore the will of the people, to be intolerant, contemptuous, and disrespectful of the “ghastly” workers. They will use any excuse to hold another referendum, and shamelessly exploit every “hate-crime” as caused by “Brexit racists”. They will feed the fires of Scottish Independence to push another Button of Fear. For years global financial markets have teetered on the brink of failure with massive debts, exhausted quantitative easings, and negative interest rates — yet if they do collapse, Brexit will be blamed for a situation that the EU helped create.



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