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Countdown to Brexit — Britain’s Independence Day?

Best wishes to our UK friends on this important day. UPDATE: Polls shut at 10pm on Thursday UK time (7am Friday AEST). Final Tally: “breakfast time” Friday in the UK ( which is  4- 6pm on the East Coast of Australia).

“… it’s the last chance most of us are ever going to get in our lifetime to vote for an outcome which is genuinely in the interest of us the people – the demos – rather than that of the increasingly powerful, ever-more-deeply-entrenched elite.”

James Delingpole

The British Isles Invented Freedom

“… the people of what is now called Great Britain created something entirely different from the closed and centralized regimes that have been the norm in most of human history. They produced a society where rulers were subject to the law and the law belonged to the people, where collective will did not trump individual right, and where free citizens were permitted to create and keep their own wealth. These principles have transformed the world: “The miracles of the past three and a half centuries—the unprecedented improvements in democracy, in longevity, in freedom, in literacy, in calorie intake, in infant survival rates, in height, in equality of opportunity—came about largely because of the individualist market system developed by the Anglosphere.”

Barton Swaim reviews Daniel Hannan’s Book

Cameron’s Elite Will Stop at Nothing to Win This EU Referendum:

The Big-Gov Octopus rewards so many:

“… I talked about David Cameron and why he’s prepared to win this referendum at almost any cost. Now here’s the worrying part. This doesn’t just apply to David Cameron. It also applies to:

George Osborne; Christine Lagarde; the 10,000 EU apparatchiks who earn more than the Prime Minister; Goldman Sachs and most of the rest of the finance industry; the Magic Circle law firms; the big corporations which just love all that Euro regulation because it wipes out smaller competitors; all the big left-wing charities, environmental ones like the RSPB and the WWF especially because the EU pays them so much money; corporate lobbyists; SJW activists at Avaaz and 350.org and Change.org; the IMF; George Soros; wealthy landowners – especially those with EU-mandated wind turbines paying them squillions; everyone who works in diversity, compliance, human resources, sustainability, and equality; Nick Clegg; Nick Clegg’s lawyer wife; Liberal Democrats generally; Chris Evans and Jeremy Clarkson; everyone at the Guardian; everyone at the BBC apart from Andrew Neil, probably; and so on.

Make no mistake, we’re up against a bunch of bastards here so determined and unscrupulous they make Ramsay Bolton look like Mary Berry. These guys have EVERYTHING to lose from this – money, power, reputation, five-course lunches with foie gras, lobster, and Chassagne-Montrachet…”

— James Delingpole

In other news, Farage is most popular leader in the UK right now:

UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage is the most popular party leader in Britain, polling the highest out of the four largest parties for leader satisfaction in a final poll before the referendum.

A UKIP spokesman has said:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that there would be no referendum without the work of Nigel Farage and UKIP over the years, and it must be acknowledged from these polling figures that he and the party have been and continue to be a major asset for those who wish the 24th of June to be the United Kingdom’s Independence Day.”

Image: UK Flag adapted from Vaughan Leiberum

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