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Climate lies for the Planet are OK (says self-proclaimed elite brain)

Oh the burden! Global Warming Saviours know they are smarter than everyone else

So much of what drives the cult of climate fear is the rewarding affirmation that they are intellectually gifted. “Pat me on the back! Tell me how smart I am!”  It fills the low-self-esteem vacuum of a B-grade brain or an untrained naive mind. It’s a sugar-hit to the undisciplined being, looking for the easy road to social acceptance and glory.

The New Nostradamus of the North has caught a Huff Po comedian Xavier Toby suggesting that “maybe we need to lie” for the climate. There is no sign of satire.

In order for us to start acting on climate change then, maybe we need to tell a few lies.

Advertising does lie to us all the time. The only difference with this issue is that instead of trying to convince us to buy stuff we don’t need and is often very harmful to us, by jazzing up the campaign against climate change, we’d be saving the planet and ourselves.

So let’s rename climate change: ‘lower energy bills’, ‘higher superannuation’, and ‘healthier children for generations to come’.

So instead of ‘climate change’ what about we call it ‘extreme disasters happening right now’, ‘massive worldwide death machine’ or ‘crazy killer weather’?

In human society, telling lies is a high risk activity. A known liar loses the benefit of trust — possibly permanently —  and that’s a crippling price in a gregarious social species where so much depends on promises of future payoffs for debts owed. For an serious citizen to suggest it reveals rather a lot of baggage. After all, it’s an admission that speaking the truth is not enough, and that implies that the unbelievers are too dumb to recognize a real threat.  For a lie to be ethically “good”, the liar has to believe they are one of the elite chosen smartie pants that Have Seen The Light, and the mere dumb plebs can’t see it.  Then it becomes a lie for the stupid punters own sake. (“Give me a medal.”)

Secondly, the liar tells themselves it is not a lie.

Who doesn’t want those things? Best of all – they’re not even lies! Switching to a clean energy future, after a short transition period, would result in all those things. [Like ‘lower energy bills’ and ‘healthier children’.]

By this contortion they justify taking the low road. The liar, lies to themselves. A lower energy bill would sell itself, so the dumb punters must be “really dumb”. And so the spiral goes.

In the modern West, schools and some families apparently don’t teach the old unfashionable, outdated stuff like the importance of moral character: that character is destiny, or that a lie is a lie. Instead a free education may mean kids learn they should get stuff for free.

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