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It’s “special” science where one Hot Month is the signal, and years of The Pause is just noise.

Global Temperatures, 2016, hottest ever, February, Climate Change. UNSW.

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We can always rely on Peter Hannam of the Sydney Morning Herald to accidentally advertise the unscientific stars of the Climate Church.

“Spike in global temperature fuels climate change fears”

It used to be that science was symmetrical — the laws of physics worked every day. You know, thou shalt not create nor destroy energy, it’s one of those unarguable things. But UNSW has a new “special” kind of science where the global temperature can pause for years and billions of quadrillions of joules of energy can disappear and who cares? In politically correct science this is noise. But one hot month, caused by an El Nino and strap yourself in, glue on the Armageddon-helmet. Panic-now, Panic-later, Fear and Hellfire. The Mystical Sign has cometh!

UNSW, crystal ball, science, climate. 2016
Prof Rahmstorf seems a bit confused about  what’s “noise” and what’s “signal”:

“It’s important to take this hot spike as a reminder that this is a really urgent problem” said Professor Rahmstorf, who until last week was also a visiting professorial fellow at the University of NSW. “We are running out of time to avoid a 2-degree world.”

Try and imagine him saying this:

“It’s important to take this cold spike as a reminder that this is a really not an urgent problem” said Professor Rahmstorf, who until last week was also a visiting professorial fellow at the University of NSW. “We have lots of time to avoid a 2-degree world.”

Does the Prof’s reasoning work every month or just on “special” ones? Looks like the new “special” science to me.

And here is the Yale grad, and UNSW Prof Stephen Sherwood (the man who changed color scales to make “zero” look red-hot).

Officially he’s a Climate Prof, but this sounds like a Climate-Prophesy.

He has the special gift, a personal crystal ball:

Slowdown is over

Stephen Sherwood, an atmospheric scientist at UNSW-based ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, said the recent surge in warming indicates the slowdown in surface temperature increases of the past 10-15 years is over.

So sayth the man who “predicted” one hot month in two decades and finally got lucky? Now, despite the models being wrong for 18 years, in a flicker they are “right”. Three years from now if the pause still exists will he give up his job and pay back the salary?

“We knew that was never going to last,” Professor Sherwood said, referring to what had been dubbed a “warming hiatus”. “We’re back on track to where the models were predicting.”

So climate models got one month right out of 18 years? Err, “Congrats”.

My prediction is that if the world cools by 2023, Sherwood and Rahmsdorf will still not have the honesty to admit they were wrong.

Despite facing “an emergency in slow motion,” political leaders have largely failed to take major steps to start cutting emissions, he [Sherwood] said. “We’re not even fighting the battle, so of course we’re losing”

This is an emergency in slow motion, but Sherwood is a case study. Our top universities are employing UnScientists and calling them Professors. They break the most baby basic rules of logic and only people who are free of the university-system and other vested interests, can point out the bleeding obvious. What kind of scientist doesn’t understand signal from noise?

So called “journalists” who are supposed to spot this sort of failure are trained by the same universities to be blinded by the starring glow of a title that meant something 30 years ago. No wonder no one wants to pay for the poor reasoning of the Fairfax SMH, they get this sort of fallacy from the ABC for “Free”.

The government is strangling science.


Australian abbreviations:

ABC — Australian Broadcasting Corp. (Publicly funded like BBC, CBC.)
ARC – Australian Research Council (Hands out the grants.)
SMH – Sydney Morning Herald (owned by Fairfax)
USyd – University of Sydney, NSW, Aust.
UNSW – University of NSW, Australia.
UWA – University of Western Australia.

Image: adapted from wikimedia Daderot

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