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UK politics shows signs of life? Maybe big win for small gov coming…

News today: Nice.  Boris Johnson decided to back BREXIT — the campaign to get the UK out of the EU. A bit of a bombshell apparently after weeks of speculation, and a very nice win for UKIP, Farage and silly people who think that in a democracy you are supposed to be able to vote for those who make the decisions.

It will make all the difference says Delingpole:

Last week, when lots of other armchair experts didn’t, I correctly predicted that both men [Michael Gove and Boris Johnson] would inevitably vote out.

I’m very glad they did since I think it will make all the difference to the #Brexit campaign. Put it this way, had Gove and Johnson not come out for Brexit, the “Leave” camp would never have stood a chance of persuading wavering middle-ground voters to take the plunge. With Boris’s charisma and popularity and Gove’s intellectual heft to back it Brexit now stands a serious chance of becoming reality.

Apparently Johnson wants the top job (Camerons) and he may have noticed how well the Republican candidates are doing in the US by not “aiming for the centre”. The likely successor for Cameron is George Osborne who’s pro EU. Nice point of difference there for Johnson. (Read Dellers for the details).

In Australia, meanwhile, Turnbull is down in the polls — since both parties look so similar, the similiar polling fits.   So there is suddenly talk of an early election.

See the poll on 2GB:

“If you voted liberal in the last eleection, who’s your preferred Prime Minister now?

Tony Abbott 96%,       Malcolm Turnbull 4%

And when people tell you of the power of consensus, just say “eggs”.

In other news, High-cholesterol diet, eating eggs do not increase risk of heart attack, not even in persons genetically predisposed, study finds. At least one egg a day is OK even if you are an APOE4 gene variant.

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