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The amazing, brilliant, one of a kind, Mark Steyn Tours Australia

Mark Steyn, Australia, 2016
The Mark Steyn 2016 Tour of Australia kicks off this weekend.

For me it’s unmissable. Mark Steyn is top of my gifted-writers-list, and is the most fearless pundit in the West today. One of the things I most admire is his classy ability to cut down dumb ideas without also cutting down the humans behind them. Steyn genuinely seems to like humanity for all its outrageous flaws. His writing is elegant, cutting — he’s an artisan experimenting  with words, punctuation and ideas. His ability to transfer an abstract concept from one brain to thousands is a gift.

Contemplate the impossible challenge of communication — one soul has a pattern of neuronal activity and we want to trigger  a similar synaptic pattern to other distant brains. Our only tools are a series of vibrational pulses in air molecules, or a coded spectral pattern in light. It’s a hell of an engineering task. Steyn is a master.

The standouts like Mark Steyn who deal with the front line flak may always seem cool and collected, but it’s a lonely battle on the front line, and they can’t do it without the support of fellow footsoldiers. Be it money, research, or just a kind word, never underestimate how much a little support from you can help. Steyn is in the trenches on several fronts.

Good memes, ideas and people need to be fostered, championed and carried. If you like something, feed it and it will grow.

The Steyn Tour

You do need to book, only pre-registered people can come. Tickets are available online for Cloncurry and Sydney. For other cities get in touch with Rachel at The IPA, even though the event may be listed as booked out. There are waiting lists and Rachel is very helpful. She was suggesting they may offer spots for people willing to stand at the back and sides, and I said I’m sure there would be plenty willing to do that. Unfortunately tickets are especially hard to get for Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra.

If you have booked and can’t make it, please let the IPA know, so they can offer a spot to others. Due to security, you can’t send someone in your place. Tickets are non-transferrable. Such is the way…

They will be filming the tour and putting that up online afterwards.

What would we do without the IPA? There is no other group like them in Australia.

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