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Climate Deniers Anthem — Slick expensive parody only has one old joke

Bravo for the full gloss, hi def, professional production, top editing, audio and camera work. It probably cost a motza, paid for by Climate Truth (formerly Forecast the Facts). So the side with lots of vested interests pumps the myth that the unfunded volunteer grassroots opponents are all funded by fossil fuels. (Projection anyone?) It’s the one and only cannon in their arsenal.

They use all the best intellectual weapons of the leftie toolkit: namecalling, bad manners and swearing.

If only it had a joke?

Like other attempts to be funny — the big-gov-pandering-fans-of-authority just can’t do political satire. (It’s by definition, really.) The video works as pap entertainment to keep believers from straying — it’ll help keep the Gullible Smug feeling smug. But on the rest of the population it will help skeptics more than hurt them.  It takes a special kind of brainwashing to “know” droughts are  worse and summers have never hit “ninety” degrees before. (Lordy!) But without any real surprises or ironic insights there are no gags for the mainstream audience. How funny is the line “fossil fuels are useful”? Laugh your socks off.

You can rate it “Funny” or “Die”  at bottom of the video.

Now If the Kochs want to fund me I’ll do a real parody, an Ode to Believers. Here’s a starter:

We Own the World

Give us all your money. A tax will make it sunny.

Tesla cars will make it rain.

If we work together, windmills change the weather,

and solar stops the storms.


If you don’t believe me, I’ll call you nasty names.

You are a dinosaur denier.

An old white man, a liar.

A Christian right wing nutjob.

Just a worker. I’m the Green Blob.


I’m so smart, I’m an independent thinker,

I believe everything my rulers tell me,

cause the government is never wrong.


We are so farsighted. We are Pajama Boys united.

Give us your subsidies, for all our companies,

that sell stuff no one wants to buy.


Readers can help develop this ;-). Send in your suggestions!

Thanks to Nick Basile from Funny or Die for sending me a copy. Yes I do want to share.

The Washington Post headlines this as  Stars spoof Koch Brothers in new climate change music video.

9.1 out of 10 based on 51 ratings

86 comments to Climate Deniers Anthem — Slick expensive parody only has one old joke

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    Stuff like that I won’t even watch. That said, the more they try, the more evident it is that they are fighting a losing battle. Actually, they’ve already lost the battle and the war; they simple don’t realise it.


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    Sorry a bit off topic, but UWA’s Climate Psychology Unit may not like this bit of good news.

    NTEU WA Division
    9 December at 22:04 ·

    UWA’s Planned Sacking of 300 Staff Unjustified, Cynical.

    The announcement that 300 staff are to be sacked from the University of Western Australia in 2016 is a move that is both unjustified and cynical according to the National Tertiary Education Union.

    UWA Vice-Chancellor Paul Johnson announced late yesterday that 200 professional staff and 100 academic jobs would go in a move that he claims should be embraced.

    In making the announcement the Vice-Chancellor has breached his legal obligation to consult with staff and NTEU prior to making any decision with such a significant impact on the operation or staffing levels of the University.

    NTEU WA Division Secretary Gabe Gooding says that there is no justification for sacking 300 staff when the University made a $90 million operational surplus in 2014.

    “This is yet another poor decision of an ideologically-driven Vice-Chancellor who is becoming increasingly known for making bad decisions,” Ms Gooding said.

    “In the four years of his tenure he has effectively trashed the reputation of what was one of the country’s most formidable institutions.”

    While the Vice-Chancellor pointed to professional and academic staff being shed, it is they who teach students and produce the very research that is at the heart of the university’s reputation for high quality teaching and research. By contrast, the Vice-Chancellor’s burgeoning executive management structure will escape apparently unscathed.

    The Vice-Chancellor told staff that he planned to significantly increase the intake of international students, but with fewer staff to teach them, this can only be interpreted as cynical exercise in treating international students as cash cows.

    NTEU UWA Branch President Dr Jamie O’Shea said that while the Vice-Chancellor was not prepared to front the media, he issued a release which referred to the valuable contribution that all staff had made in cementing UWA as one of the world’s leading universities.

    “That statement is both cynical and hollow given that these are the very staff he is about to sack,” said Dr O’Shea. “It is an insult to those very staff.”

    The Vice-Chancellor’s gift to staff just before Christmas means that thousands of them will go into the festive season not knowing whether they will have a job through 2016.


    • #
      Graeme No.3

      Yes, the University of Lewandowski et all reaches the highest levels of whatever. Was this one of the Uni’s that wasn’t prepared to be “contaminated” by a Lomborg think tank? Staff who aren’t prepared to think are a “real” asset to a University.

      On a politer level I can readily agree that staff at the coal face (if they will pardon that cliché) are more useful than the bureaucrats increasingly infesting the Ivory Towers, but by abandoning the essentials of a University in pursuit of an ideology of destroying free speech, intellectual freedom and democracy, the said ‘teaching staff’ cannot logically complain if they are treated as they would treat others.


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        John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia.

        I see that the University of Western Australia will lay off 300 staff as part of sweeping cuts aimed at reducing costs. Some of those staff probably wished the UWA had accepted the Lomborg money.


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      King Geo

      Also off topic – Tom Harley – I King Geo as an ex UWA graduate have often in the past been asked for a donation.

      Some years back I told a lady from UWA, who rang me for a donation, that UWA had assets worth A$billions e.g. mainly Perth CBD real estate & large land holdings in the Perth region. During that conversation I pointed out to the lady who rang that it was like Gina Reinhardt asking me for a donation. UWA never rang me back for a donation after that call. My name was crossed off the list – great.

      So clearly UWA has no plans to sell any of its bequeathed “treasure chest of assets” otherwise those 300 jobs would have been preserved.

      King Geo now has little regard for UWA – especially after rejecting Bjorn Lomborg’s “Consensus Centre”.

      Don’t UWA realize that that decision would have alienated nearly every UWA geology graduate, not to mention other graduates who don’t support the “AGW Nonsense”.


      • #
        David Maddison

        Among UWA’s assets used to be and possibly still is something like a 500kg platinum cylinder used in gravity wave experiments…


        • #
          King Geo

          Yes I recall that – the brain child of Dr David Blair, Physics Dept. They better not sell that 500kg platinum cylinder – it will make too many waves. Is that solid platinum? Historically the price of platinum per ounce has been higher than gold although I see currently that is not the case. Assuming it is ~US$1,000/oz that means that cylinder is worth US$35,270/kg X 500 = US$17.6 million = ~ A$25 million.


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    Trying waaaaay too hard now, I wonder if it would ever dawn on those performing that the reason they can use the building, air conditioning, equipment, electricity, water is all possible from that they wish to suppress?

    This level of stupid will hurt for a long time.


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    “Hey mum, the Emperor has no clothes on!”
    Mum gags little Johny and whispers in his ear “Don’t talk too loudly dear, the boogie man might get you.”
    “AWE WELL mum, he doesn’t have any clothes on!”
    “Johny, that’s just a figment of your imagination, the Emperor is dressed in the finest robes!”


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    I’m on an enlightened progression
    ’cause I believe in the science.
    My opinions on any linear regression
    Have no Big Oil reliance.

    The trend line might look horizontal
    But I listen to the science.
    “Yeh, sure its flat like a contrail”
    Says the 97% alliance

    “but when folded into many creases –
    according to a higher science –
    obviously the warming increases
    (with a bit of poetic license)”

    Not convinced? Look at the new data
    (using the method of science)
    We didn’t keep the good temps, rather,
    From inlets of an appliance.

    All says that the deniers’ pause is bust,
    By the 21st century science
    And we can find 50 excuses, if we must,
    For the 18 year long hiatus.


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    Hey Jo, you said the video has a joke in it, do we have to wait for part 2 of the video for the punch-line or something?


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    jeff in Canada

    What a waste of time and effort! How sad to see just how little these stars actually know. All of them need to take some basic science and geography courses. Don’t you wonder who financed this pitiful piece of junk.
    The following quote applies to this group ” …and now I shall most royally to bed. To sleep off all this nonsense I’ve just said.”


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      Nah, taking courses wouldn’t help as they are unable to think in the first place. They have managers and PR people whispering in their ear what their opinions should be and what they should support, at least as far as the image they present to us lowly, unimportant folk. Once they achieved some level of fame then the rules they expect us to follow stopped applying to them. I suspect they think we are too stupid to realize that when it is they that are too dysfunctional and separated from reality to realize just how clueless they are. But when you have millions and don’t have to do anything for a living but pretend to be someone/something you aren’t why let details get in the way.


      • #

        Take stupid person. Add “education”. End up with stupid, “educated” person.

        The proportion of our population going onto “higher education” is just far too high for a healthy and prosperous society (counter-intuitive? Not really).

        We have people attending “school” until their mid-twenties (taxpayer subsidised) only to receive the “value-added” equivalent of what was once delivered with better quality in junior secondary school (and in some areas, primary school).

        A poorer standard of product at many times the price. I wonder how this will end?

        Three-hundred job losses at one of our under-performing “institutions”. A good start…


        • #

          “the spread of secondary and tertiary education has created a large population of people, often with well-developed literary and scholarly tastes, who have been educated far beyond their capacity to undertake analytical thought.”
          — Sir Peter Medawar, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine


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    OK. So some of the humor went over your heads. Ho-hum. I’ll admit the gags in that clip were a bit cerebral, even for me. But here’s an equally pants-soilingly funny video that may be more your speed:

    If you people aren’t laughing your asses off after watching that, you have no soul.


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      h/t to Prof Naomi O for her tweet alerting me to how “hilarious” The Encyclical trailer was.


    • #

      As soon as he moved I knew that wasn’t really the pope. If they ever do manage to wake him up, the warmists might be in trouble if his ideas aren’t what the warmists want them to be.

      We may never know!


    • #

      A disgrace to the profession, letting himself be parodied like this.


      • #

        One of Bergoglio’s most nauseating grabs for attention: his Dec 8 Vatican light show with its cheesy enviro themes. Cost millions, of course. One of the “artists” is a kind of druggie pagan who said in a 2010 video interview that a good reaction to his art happens when people “throw up, or urinate themselves, or [release] any sort of bodily excrement.”

        We really need another pope. Bergoglio’s switch from junta priest to icky Green/Left isn’t concealing what he really is: a power and fame-hungry careerist.


    • #
      Graeme No.3

      Yes Brad, I am sure there are many things that go over your heads.
      Really, the quality of the Trolls lately is reaching a new low. Have all but the unintelligent ones fled “the project”? Or are they too embarrassed to mention “the science” by the derision that follows? Why, even Sillyfilly has left us.

      I suppose it was only to be expected; as prediction after prediction failed, as the “science” was exposed as crap; as COP17 succeeded COP16 etc. without any progress, and all COP21 could decide is where COP22 will be held, then those with enough ability to tie their own shoe laces would become discouraged, even before the funding started to dry up, so we would be left with …well hardcore ABC watchers.

      So I call on you regulars to be kind to Brad, treat him as almost human. There is no need to laugh at his “jokes”, he is used to being ignored. Avoid reminiscing about “the good old days’ when some trolls required 3 seconds thought before being demolished. After all Christmas is near and tradition calls for good will to all men and some tolerance for the intellectually handicapped.


      • #

        I gotta hand it to you Graeme, you really have got my number. Rarely has anyone seen through my bluster with such acuity. It’s all true. My sad little cult is falling apart, tenet by tenet, doctrine by doctrine, and only a kamikaze rump of True Believers is left inside the compound. Like cornered rodents, expect us to get more and more vicious the closer we come to our inevitable obsolescence and extirpation.

        But Christmas or no Christmas, you must resist the temptation to go easy on us. A wounded and dying beast is a dangerous beast. So keep your eye on the prize—drive your scientific victory home without mercy, remorse or ruth.


        • #

          I liked the video. But since it was mostly facts, I fail to see how this helps your side. Also thought that the P’man had some bad moves.


          • #

            But since it was mostly facts, I fail to see how this helps your side.

            Huh? I’m on the side of facts.

            Also thought that the P’man had some bad moves.

            The who now?

            (Apologies in advance if “the P’man” is a character in one of the clips—I haven’t viewed them, because I don’t think I need to. It’s négateurs and Klimaleugners who should watch… and learn.)


        • #

          That’s beautiful.

          The attempted satire (was it a clumsy effort at parody or just poorly executed sarcasm?) hits the same mark with the same tone as the original video…

          …and with the same overt lack of self-awareness.

          You really couldn’t make this shit up.

          Thank you – that was GOLD!!!


          • #

            Terry, who/what are you responding to? I should admit that all the layers of irony, indirection and indentation in this thread have disoriented me somewhat.


      • #

        The idiot nag came by for a brief neigh a few days ago; don’t ask me exactly when; I couldn’t be bothered to take much notice of it.


    • #

      Good to see that low-intellect humour still amuses you.


    • #

      Yep, the humor went over my head, it was a bit cerebral for me, especially for me,,, sigh.


    • #

      About as humourless as the Koch Bros sketch.

      What most disturbs about Bergoglio is how he prospered under the Videla regime when the conservative Archbishop Romero lost his life standing up to a junta. (Francis still thinks it would be a great idea to hand over the anglo and Chilean people of the Falklands to a foreign power on the basis of a spurious Spanish claim of the 1800s. Pity his fascist buddies aren’t around to help.)

      Underneath the rehearsed daffy grin is a sly brute who should never have been elected to the papacy. Another dreadful leader in these times so poor of leadership. Just as well he doesn’t have drones.


    • #
      Andrew McRae

      Cerebral? Bah!
      It’s not funny because they mixed fact and fiction in a manner that suggests they don’t know the difference.


    • #

      I’ve got a theory that people are drawn to the Left as they still have a desire to be top of the pile, only they don’t care how big the pile is.

      Thousands of years of writing and a hundred years of film and this is what we are supposed to be impressed with, Brad?


      • #

        only they don’t care how big the pile is.

        What? Of course we care. Our electoral base is the poor; so it’s in our interest for as many people as possible to be in that demographic.


        • #

          Brad Keyes,

          You wrote:

          Our electoral base is the poor; so it’s in our interest for as many people as possible to be in that demographic.

          That single thumbs up you just got (one thumbs up vs. two thumbs down as of this post) was awarded to you by me.
          As others have mentioned in this thread, the attempt at satire and/or parody in that video clip fails because of the truth that comes through in the lyrics. Same goes for the words I quoted from your comment.

          The promotion of wind and solar energy production as viable alternatives to fossil fuels is intended to reduce the level of economic security of the vast majority of human beings on the planet. Government subsidies in the form of low interest loans, infrastructure grants, and the forced purchase of so called renewable energy production by the energy companies that supply electricity to the grid are driving the price of electricity up by as much as double the price of coal.

          And because goods and services are provided by factories and office buildings that are highly energy intensive, they need lots of electricity around the clock, the cost of living of every human being on the planet where these goods and services are provided is being artificially increased due to these higher energy costs.

          So yes. I agree with you. Your electoral base is the poor. And I agree with you that it’s in your best interest to increase the number of voters in that demographic. How else will your kind be able to remain in power?

          But you missed the point that’s been made repeatedly on this web-site and elsewhere with increasing recurrence. The poor will eventually reach the point of critical mass whereby they will cease to be fooled by the rhetoric and false claims. They’ll simply be too cold and too hungry to even listen. At that point . . .



        • #

          Oh Brad, you are out of your depth here. Look out the window and just imagine the Chinese laughing their heads off and wondering how long before the west wakes up to Chinese duplicity. The poor old Koch bros are very small beer by comparison. And by the way why should so called independent scientists use my taxes to push their little money making scheme?


  • #

    After about half an hour I was halfway through (HD is soooooooooo slowwwwwwwww in Outer Woop Woop) so I gave up. Was it meant to be funny? Did it eventually acknowledge that there is a world out there beyond the US?

    It won’t catch on. No reputations will be made on its entertainment value or production skills.

    It will be allowed to die quietly without anyone acknowledging how embarrassingly humourless it is. No reputations will be lost on its sheer drudgery.

    They might show it on one of the ABC’s late night shows though. By their standards it is probably hilaaaaarious. Lucky for them no-one watches!


  • #
    Turtle of WA

    Very similar to every comedy show on the ABC. It’s hard to work out how it could be funny to it’s target audience, let alone the majority.

    On the upside, it demonstrates once more that warmists’ understand neither the scientific position, nor the motivation, of skeptics.


  • #


    Settled science Update: “Rising CO2 levels over central Antarctica produce a net COOLING effect, new research suggests” (

    “In a cold corner of the world, carbon dioxide is doing something surprising.

    Instead of causing warming, rising CO2 levels over central Antarctica produce a net cooling effect, new research suggests.

    That discovery does not undermine the fact that accumulating greenhouse gases raise temperatures elsewhere around the world.

    “We’re not saying the greenhouse effect is rubbish,” says study coauthor Justus Notholt, an atmospheric physicist at the University of Bremen in Germany.
    “But in Antarctica, the situation is different.

    Unlike the rest of the planet, the Antarctic interior has not warmed over the last few decades; it has even shown signs of slightly cooling.”
    ~ ~ ~
    It is also “surprisingly different” in America’s South-east:

    As the World Warms, Part of the American Southeast Cools (natgeo)

    “The pollution emitted by coal-fired power plants may have contributed to cooler temperatures in some regions of the Southeast.”
    . . .
    Yeah. Real funny.


    • #

      It ain’t all that funny really. We are going to see more and more of this desperate hyper-pseudoscience to crackpotsplain each and every global climate phenomenon as being directly attributable to co2. And it will of course get through the rigged peer review process as was admirably demonstrated by Climategate. The politicians and their bent ‘scientific’ lackeys, along with the hysterical activists, are so enmired in this tissue of lies there is no way out now. Any kind of deviation from the party dogma would be tantamount to an admission that they have thrown away untold trillions of tax payers bucks on an unsupported fairy story and that would be to invite being strung up by the heels from the nearest lamp post. It is quite literally a fight to the death and things are set to get very nasty indeed.


  • #

    Talentless: check
    Dull: check
    Manboys: check
    Groupie-thinky: check.
    Ham-fisted: check.
    Smug: check.

    This mob are ready for ABC primetime. Shower them with Australian dollars, Malcolm!


  • #

    COP21 agreement delayed

    The “major” issues are “still” present in the current draft, even after many days and nights of debate. China and India do not seem to be happy with much of what is written in the agreement.
    Delegates temperatures are rising !!!

    As for the video … the lyrics were torture 🙁


  • #

    Amazing Video

    “Climate Change Deniers Anthem”

    Showed it to few friends:
    1. Are they joking
    2. Why are these people supporting coal
    3. This is a shocker

    Most people won’t get this video – it assumes a radical CAGW cult attitude!

    Yet in 2010 the same people bought out this garbage:
    Blowing up the Deniers

    That went down like a lead balloon!

    This one will only appeal to the far left radical CAGW cultists!

    Everyday people won’t even equate it to anything!

    Just a load of waffle – did the ABC help in this?


    • #
      Andrew McRae

      Just a load of waffle – did the ABC help in this?

      You may recall the last time we found our government was funding performance art ridiculing climate realists.
      I decided to make a parody of “Only Heaven Knows” by Rick Price as a counter-attack.


      • #

        Chapeau bas to you Andrew, that was real art. Which, by definition, comes from suffering. I’m guessing you’re deeply jealous of all the quim Rick Astley Price is drowning in, or at least was, during his heyday (the first week of July, 1989). Because the ladies love a castrato who pronounces “every day” as “e-ve-ry day.”


  • #

    It’s not funny at all.

    So why not instead watch the scientific evidence from the Ted Cruz hearing summarized in 9minutes


  • #

    Climate C.O.P. ‘Experts’

    Yet another C.O.P. came ’round once more,
    And the ‘experts’ have told us the score,
    Which is always the same,
    That man is to blame,
    Then the usual,’worse than before’.

    These ‘experts’ have failed to impress,
    And what they don’t know,they just guess,
    So we’ll hear a few speak,
    At a conference week,
    As each stands to make an address.

    Fist up was the ‘expert’ on rain,
    Being mostly concerned about Spain,
    Who said,”We still get,
    The bulk of the wet,
    On top of the great central plain”.

    Next up was the ‘expert’ on snow,
    Who thought he’d give science a go,
    Then said,”It’s appalling,
    That the white stuff now falling,
    Is something our children won’t know”.

    Then up came the ‘expert’ on heat,
    Who said as she rose to her feet,
    “I’ve been thinking a lot,
    That the climate is hot”,
    And then she returned to her seat.

    There followed an ‘expert’ on tide,
    Whose knowledge on waters was wide,
    Who said,”We now know,
    That it’s all ebb and flow”,
    As he heaved out his chest with great pride.

    Next up was the ‘expert’ on ice,
    Who said,”I could tell in a thrice,
    From a deep Greenland core,
    As explained by Al gore,
    That ‘carbon’ would fetch a high price”.

    Then up spoke the ‘expert’ on storms,
    Who thought windy ones were the norms,
    Then said,”We won’t know,
    Till the wind starts to blow,
    If they’re better or worse when it warms”.

    Up next spoke the ‘expert’ on sleet,
    Who appointed the ‘expert’ on heat,
    Saying, “It’s such a dream,
    To work with a team,
    And all the cool people you meet”.

    Then up spoke the ‘expert’ on cold,
    Who shivered a lot as she told,
    How,”A rise in degrees,
    Would cause temperature freeze,
    Or a drought or a flood to take hold”.

    Last up was a climate-change bore,
    Said,”Our planet will warm more and more,
    All ‘carbons’ and gasses,
    From both ends of the masses,
    Must be captured and locked in a store”.

    All those who are led by the nose,
    And just lazily always suppose,
    That these ‘experts’ know best,
    Then when put to the test,
    They would see the Emperor’s clothes.


  • #

    this is funnier…given all the optimistic MSM spin:

    11 Dec: Reuters: Global climate talks stumble near finish line; Obama and Xi talk
    (Reporting By Emmanuel Jarry, Alister Doyle, Nina Chestney and David Stanway; writing by Nina Chestney, Alister Doyle and Jonathan Leff; Editing by Gareth Jones)
    Efforts to craft a global accord to combat climate change stumbled on Friday with China and many other nations refusing to yield ground, forcing host France to extend the U.N. summit by a day to overcome
    stubborn divisions…
    He (Laurent Fabius) said a final text, meant to chart a way to far wider use of greener energy such as
    wind and solar power, would now be presented to nearly 200 nations for review only on Saturday, a day later than planned.
    Delegates said China was resisting calls, led by the United States and the European Union, for all nations to review and update their national plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions every five years…
    Delegates said China had also reasserted demands that developed nations do far more to curb greenhouse gas emissions, mostly the result of burning coal, gas and oil…
    Many other countries were also holding their ground.
    Saudi Arabia said it would resist a new 27-page draft text calling for a rise in global temperatures to be limited to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels – a plan that it
    fears could jeopardise oil production.
    The draft text, released on Thursday night, also sets a target of “greenhouse gas emissions neutrality in the second half of the century” – more ambitious than previous drafts in shifting to cleaner energy sources.
    Delegates said the talks were also split on who should pay for developing nations to move to low-carbon economies and to mitigate the effects of global warming…
    Xi spoke with U.S. President Barack Obama by telephone, Chinese state television reported.
    It was unclear what they had discussed, or whether the call signalled new divisions between the world’s largest emitters, who struck a landmark climate accord last year…

    11 Dec: UPI: Advocacy groups not satisfied with climate negotiations thus far
    Movement on a formal agreement is carrying over into the weekend.
    Lucy Cadena, a campaigner with Friends of the Earth, said the draft agreement pushes many of the necessary actions down the road.
    “Shockingly, the text could allow for carbon emissions to continue until 2099,” she said in a statement.
    Campaigners said they’re frustrated with technological fixes like carbon capture and storage or economic measures like carbon-swap markets…



  • #
    kramer once boasted that it bought and now owns the DNC. Does this video mention this fact?


  • #

    Whoa . . how edgy is that?
    Pathetic . . more like a wet lettuce parody, I reckon.

    They’ve got a long way to go when compared to the low budget home made Hitler on Climate Change parodies.


  • #

    It may amuse the troops and let’s face it they’re going to need any amusement they can get after the diss appointment of Paris, but it’s going to convert no-one. Just another nail in the coffin.


    • #
      Robert of Ottawa

      Regarding COP21 in Paris, aren’t we already into day 2 of overtime. Ah, it must be so difficult to pull oneself awayf from all those good French restaurants and residents 😉


  • #
    Michael Collard

    To me, this video seems more like a parody of how alarmists view skeptics. Accidental self-parody?


    • #

      It’s accidental self parody.

      Like when they show steam rising from the cooling towers of power stations and falsely imply that it’s the horrible CO2 greenhouse gas, without realising that they are in fact showing a much more significant greenhouse gas. 🙂


  • #
    michael hart

    Well that’s my 4 minutes and 5 seconds of punishment over for the day. I won’t do it again, whatever I did.

    The song is not exactly top of the pops material, to put it mildly. So they’ve certainly wasted someone’s money.

    It’s interesting only insofar as it gives an insight, if it was needed, into what they think the argument is and what they imagine about people who disagree with them. Apparently it is still all due to the Koch brothers’ money and we would otherwise fall into line.

    Unless it is just rallying the troops, and given that it is said to be a mistake to openly insult your (potential) customers, I do wonder who exactly they think their target market is for this advert.


  • #

    A penn scientist without much compunction
    Had a thermometer that just wouldn’t function
    He spliced up some charts
    Ended up in a farce
    When the sceptics spotted the junction


  • #
    Neil Mac Canada

    The funny thing is that the lyrics are virtually true, and they do not even know it


  • #
    Robert of Ottawa

    Was that supposed to be satire? Everything they sung was true.


  • #
    Bite Back

    That old joke isn’t very damned funny. They have too many sins to atone for — far too many for any of it to be a joke except in the sarcastic sense. My curse to the lot of them. May their every effort bring them nothing but failure.



  • #

    That is soooo Soviet Union, am I wrong?

    They used to make sing-along propaganda films like that during the Soviet Union, with Stalin hugging kids etc… all the Soviets lacked was the impetus to ATTEMPT humor … or satire … I can’t quite decide because they ranted that ‘polar bears can swim’ and ‘ice caps aren’t melting’, both of which are true and false respectively (North Pole floats and is ocean level neutral anyway, and Antarctica is building ice), so WAS IT SATIRE? I thought you were supposed to feign irony during satire?

    I love the way the word Conspiracy was reserved for the entry into the first chorus, just like they teach in Marketing 101: keep the first vocalized Brand name mention for the entry into the chorus, because people psychologically crave the arrival of a chorus, especially when the melody is slow moving and light hearted (true story).

    As propaganda I rate it at 9 out of 10, because the trendy virtue signalling brain dead ‘liberals’ love rubbish like this, and it will definitely be singing to the chorus so to speak; reinforcing bias is important in a cult!

    As humor I rate it at 2 out of 10, because it was accidentally humorous to people who’s brains still work and can laugh at the stupidity of this Planet of the Apes, just as those old Soviet propaganda films are funny to watch in retrospect.

    Accidentally Funny! 😛 if it had featured the Rt. Reverend Tim Flannery in the act of singing his mantras, I would definitely score it higher by at least 2 points in my funny rating.


    • #


      You wrote:

      . . . reinforcing bias is important in a cult!

      Aside from the fact that this video fails miserably at satire and/or parody, this was my reaction exactly. The clip does nothing to undermine the credibility of the Skeptic’s position and presents no convincing evidence to support the claims of the Climate Change ™ alarmists. As such, all it can possibly accomplish is to give reinforcement to those few people left that still believe the nonsense.

      Which begs the question: Could it be that the number of people leaving the Global Warming Religion and repudiating the Official Dogma is increasing at such an alarming rate, that rather than spend the vast amount of resources that were obviously needed to produce this video, to convince the ‘unconvinced’ to join the cult, they felt that the money would be more wisely spent trying to keep the adherents they already have?

      To put it another way, maybe the producers feel it’s more important to close the spigot of apostates than it is to proselytize for new recruits.

      Things that make you go . . . Hmmm.



  • #

    It’s a lot like watching a “talent” show in a lunatic asylum.

    These people are truly insane.

    “Alarmists to the left of me, Islamists to the right.
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you”


  • #
    Geoffrey Williams

    Climate change music video spoof:
    What a bunch of self ingratiating Wankers!
    Sorry that I have to say it like this, but it’s true.
    Geoff W Sydney


  • #

    I found the sight of those sanctimonious tw*ts even more nauseating than the prospect of 40,000 idiots bigging it up in Paris at the world’s expense

    Try this for a parody – to the tune of a song that was written nearly 30 years ago when people actually gave a damn about what was happening to the starving and the poor on this planet … and before dogma had its day

    [v e r s e]
    There was a time only thirty years ago
    When the world of science was doing just great
    Then some people came in, oh, with hockey sticks and graphs
    And put an end to all debate

    [v e r s e]
    First no one heard, global warming wouldn’t fly
    Climategate so nearly wrecked The Cause
    We rebranded it and called it Climate Change
    With no-one noticing the Pause

    [c h o r u s 1]
    We are the Greens, we frighten children
    We are the ones who make a vow each day to slay deniers
    There’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving polar bears
    As well as screwing Planet Earth for you and me

    [v e r s e]
    Well we stole your hearts with Inconvenient Truths
    Travesty – we won the Nobel Prize
    There are children born not knowing what snow is
    We realigned, redefined what peer review is

    [c h o r u s 2]
    We are the Greens, we’ve lots of windmills
    We’ve biofuels and solar farms, just don’t look at the fuel bills
    We’ll all live in caves, go back to banging rocks
    In a world that won’t be fit for you or fit for me

    [m i d d le 8]
    We’ve settled science, we’re now the world’s new creed
    The debate is won, the sceptics must concede
    Well well well well when suckers think, oh, that they’re all about to fry
    Oh Man(n), we know we’re home and dry

    [c h o r u s 1]
    We are the Greens, we frighten children
    We are the ones who make a vow each day to slay deniers
    There’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving polar bears
    As well as screwing Planet Earth for you and me

    [c h o r u s 2]
    We are the Greens, we’ve lots of windmills
    We’ve biofuels and solar farms, just don’t look at the fuel bills
    We’ll all live in caves, go back to banging rocks
    In a world that won’t be fit for you or fit for me

    [c h o r u s 3]
    We are freeloaders on expenses
    We hide the decline in our IQs – this high life dulls our senses
    Thinking for ourselves, that’s something quite absurd
    No way, it’s heresy to stray outside the herd

    [c h o r u s 4]
    We ask Greenpeace folk what they reckon
    If enigmatic, scientific questions ever beckon
    And the BBC, yes, they’re fighting by our side
    We’ve covered every angle, no place left to hide

    [c h o r u s 5]
    We are the ones who starve the children
    We turn the forests into pellets just to feed the turbines
    And the millions dying from the smoke inside their rooms
    Okay, a carbon tax you pay for being poor


  • #

    Jo, they could probably do with a few more cannons in their collective arsenals.


  • #

    From Barry Manilow : Turn The Radio Up (ad lib)

    C’mon everybody open
    up your windows and
    turn up the C02
    turn up the C…0…2!!!

    when I feel that a Warmist
    is just to hard to bear
    mixing up cause and effect in endless detail
    just panes into hot air
    hey hey
    here’s the thing I do

    turn the C02 up
    while the Warmist away
    turn the ‘waterworld’ reality down
    there’s too much talk about a ‘waterworld’
    too much of the time
    hey hey
    turn the C02 up
    hear the harmony
    while the Warmist away
    turn the C02 up
    everything will be gay

    C02 can only do us good
    so throw your doubts away
    come on people life’s too
    short to stay
    hey hey
    everybody now

    turn the C02 up
    hear the melody
    spread it all over town
    there’s too much talk about a ‘waterworld’
    turn the negative down
    hey hey
    turn the C02 up
    hear the harmony
    don’t ‘cha be so profound
    turn the C02 up
    it’ll turn you around

    don’t give in
    no matter what the Warmist say
    whilst he’s on holiday
    you find the positive way
    hey, hey, hey

    turn the C02 up
    up with harmony
    and pandemonium down
    there’s too much talk about a ‘waterworld’
    all over the internet
    hey, hey, hey

    turn the C02 up
    hear the melody
    don’t you be so profound
    turn the C02 up
    it’ll turn you around

    turn the C02 up! your
    turn the C02
    turn the C02 up!
    turn the C02
    turn the C02 up!!!


  • #
    Greg Cavanagh

    I watched about a minute of it and got bored. It made no sense.

    Then I read the comments below and NOW I get it.

    Ok, so I watched some more. They have a lot of people there singing something they think is wrong? What sort of brilliant scheme is this? It’s not even a parody, it’s just pathetic.


  • #

    “Where’s the joke?,” everyone seems to be asking.

    You mean, besides the part where they invoke Neil de Grasse Tyson’s credibility?

    Tough room.


  • #

    Denial is under threat of fact,
    evidence beyond them, yet how they react?
    the massive hissy fit meets the waiting hoard
    they’re all against me, shouts the chair of the board,

    Nothing they have, apart from shrieks and shrills,
    and a load of pure BS from those Heartland dills.
    But we have proof, they scream and shout,
    There’s CO2, its all about.

    Our wisest oracles tell us so,
    the temperatures must cool, they doth bestow
    the force is upon us, no need to fret
    we’ve doctored the evidence to meet our debt

    So as we look forward to what future arrives
    we can look back and see and as one quickly derives
    nothing of science has come to this tent
    time for the denial to be ruptured and rent

    Good effort SillyF. It even rhymes. That’s the spirit. – Jo


  • #

    There was something “strange” about the video and I had to watch it 3 times before it was clear that the producer was
    ….playing both ends against the middle!

    It is a hilarious take off on the biased “beliefs” of both ends of the spectrum.
    I suspect the front/back had to be there to fool the rest of the staff and make it “acceptable” to their religious beliefs.

    If one wanted a “counter” version, change the sound track of the two jokers at the front to be a plea for “donations” to fight for
    ..-..too many polar bears,
    ..-..not living in Hawaii,
    ..-..holding back the tide, the donor live the “good” low impact life, etc.
    => “send money today and save the world” and
    then end the video with a “send money to to buy your indulgence for eliminating the surplus population and helping to make Africa, etc, etc the untrammeled wilderness it once was.
    But just wait! with a donation of $$$$ you also get…..


  • #

    I did not know before that ‘Koch’ should be pronounced like ‘Coke’.


  • #
    Michael Spencer

    The classic thing is that everything they’re singing about is TRUE! That’s a real joke …. 🙂