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Bloggies 2015 winners. Climate Audit, NotaLotofPeopleKnowThat, JoNova

Thanks to all the readers here who took time to vote. Skeptical sites are well represented in the finalists and winners largely thanks to readers here, at Tallblokes, Realscience  and NotALotOfPeopleKnowThat.

Congrats to Steve McIntyre who surely deserves every bit of his LifeTime Achievement award. I’m delighted to see Paul Homewood (Notalotofpeopleknowthat) win in Best European blog. He was stiff competition in the Topical category given his role in the Christopher Booker series on the scandalous temperature adjustments which made such an impact around the world. Breitbart was also a favourite of mine, largely thanks to James Delingpole.

Congrats to all finalists like Tallbloke, WattsUpRealScience (who is moving to RealClimateScience) and NoTricksZone. Tallbloke, the ultimate good sport, was a finalist for the LifeTime Achievement, but announced he’d vote for Climate Audit.

One day, maybe The Bloggies will bring back The Best Science Blog Category which skeptics would obviously dominate at the moment. Repressing a passionate crowd doesn’t work.

For the overseas crowd, Larry Pickering is an award winning political cartoonist in Australia who came out of retirement because our last government was so awful. He’s a skeptic to the end.

Thanks to the volunteers who help to moderate and make this site possible.

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PS: In the Topical finalists category, check out the Human Earth Project. Wow.

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