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Help bring Patrick Moore — a Greenpeace founder turned skeptic — to Australia

Case Smit and John Smeed are working to get Patrick Moore to visit Australia soon. Details on how you can help below.

In the video below Patrick Moore talks about his extensive work with Greenpeace during its first 15 years and the useful contributions they made before he split from them because of their increasingly irrational policies.  He’s a powerful, sensible advocate for compassionate reason. This is his journey from eco-warrior to defender of science, logic and the environment. He is a rare man and obviously sceptical of “catastrophic” global warming.

At the Heartland conference July 2014

From Case Smit:

Australia is hosting a “climate information” visit by Dr. Patrick Moore (co-founder of Greenpeace) in October – November this year.  Rather than lecturing to the “converted”, the principal purpose of this visit is for him to meet with opinion leaders in the media, politics and business to convey a rational environmentalist’s views on why policies instituted because of the “catastrophic climate change” scare need to be realistically addressed.

Australia was the first country to impose an economy-damaging tax on carbon dioxide emissions which the current Government has now repealed.  However the Government still believes that the public wants to see “action on climate change”, so it continues with policies requiring billions of dollars to be spent to stabilise the global climate.  Those opinion leaders that Patrick meets with will realise, as Patrick has done himself, that virtually all climate change is natural and that mankind’s contribution is minimal; they will then be able to convey this to the public.

Patrick’s visit will affect the future climate change policies of our government and present an example to the world.  Such an example has the potential to be influential on policies adopted in other nations particularly now that our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has achieved global recognition as a statesman with his handling of the Malaysian Airlines disasters.  With the G20 meeting in November which Mr. Abbott will host, he will have the opportunity to explain to other world leaders the uncertainties surrounding current climate policies and the desirability for the world economy, of scaling back such expenditures.

Substantial funding is required for this visit and while it is realised that funding sources for projects by environmental realists are extremely scarce, our appeal for help is going out internationally to make this most important visit a success.  Would you please help this initiative, with potential world-wide benefit, by making this appeal known to your followers and by giving us an introduction to potential donors.

Case Smit

John Smeed

(joint organisers of Lord Monckton’s 2010 Australian Tour)

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