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Watts Up Speculation Thread

Watts Up Suspended

You know you’re going to speculate. The emails started coming in to me early this morning ten minutes after the unusual WUWT post was published.  No — it’s not ClimateGate III, not FOIA. I have my theories. 🙂

Rereke calculates the release time for WUWT In New Zealand it will be 7.00 am.

Officially the release is listed for: “Sunday July 29th, around Noon PST in California”

Rereke notes: “Anthony Watt’s site does say PST, which would be 8.00am NZT. The question is, “Is that a typo?” I assumed that it was, because people just look at the clock. It is only people like me who are anal enough to worry.

By assuming that it should be PDT, I might be watching an hour early.”

So here are some other times (assuming it is PDT):

  • California: Sunday 12:00 noon
  • New Zealand:  Monday 7 am
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Australia : Monday  5am
  • Perth, Australia: Monday: 3am
  • Delhi, India:  Monday 12.30am
  • Jerusalem Israel, Helsinki Finland: Sunday 10pm
  • Paris , France; Berlin Germany; Rome, Italy: Sunday 9pm
  • London, UK:  Sunday 8pm
  • New York, USA: Sunday 3pm
  • Corresponding GMT Sunday 7pm

Times thanks to Timeanddate.com


So do tune in to WUWT… 🙂

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