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China finds the odd 200 years worth of fuel

Who isn’t finding shale gas these days?
To whom shall we sell all those super-costly solar units, that we will supposedly be “world leaders” in?

China reveals 25tn cu metres of shale gas

Financial Times

China announced the results of its most extensive official appraisal of shale gas reserves on Thursday, having found potentially recoverable resources of 25.1tn cubic metres – less than previous estimates.

Although the figure is lower than an earlier estimate of 31tn cubic metres, China is still believed to have some of the largest reserves of shale gas in the world and has been working to develop shale gas as a cornerstone of its energy policy. The new estimate is enough gas to meet the country’s current consumption for nearly 200 years if fully extracted.

As Richard North points out, this changes everything:

The announcement really is a game changer. The Agenda 21 pushers are now going to find it increasingly hard to run with “sustainability” and, with climate change running out of steam, we can see them struggling to create another scare which will have anything like the impact.

The US is the largest shale gas producer at the moment with about 20% of all it’s gas being the shale variety. It has turned itself around from an gas importer to an exporter in the last ten years.

For those who want  more gory details on the development in Shale Gas in China, the Peak Oil site, seems to have the best wrap.

h/t Lars G.

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