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Satire is a beautiful thing: The FakeGaters are asked to take down the fakes… and someone has a moment of fun.

It’s sad to watch the implosion of a Nobel Cause. Well it would be…

But then DeSmog thinks providing fake documents “is in the public interest”. (Is there is a shortage of false and misleading articles around? Who knew?)

This particular parody refers to Charles Johnson (who?).

Hat tip: As Baa Humbug said in posting this in comments: This didn’t take long.

The old Nazi theme is worn to the end, but then, it seems to be going around. The  LA Times invokes Godwins Law, cites ‘Mein Kampf’ to attack Heartland Institute… (WUWT)

On a legal note:

Greg Laden doesn’t know what to do.  Memoryvault popped in to help share his expertise. (That is just so typical of our lot, always trying to stop people making mistakes that can be avoided. Good on you MV :-)).  His thoughts were copied in comment #38 on yesterday’s thread here. Interesting read.


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