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White conservatives don’t deny “climate change”. Journalists deny English.

Yesterday I wrote that the media is a rubber stamp for government and green propaganda, and today, the perfect example of certified nonsense appeared.

Not only is the headline 100% incorrect, Why conservative white men are more likely to deny climate change”, the body of the story barely tries to add a caveat. The poorly designed study used the ambiguous phrase “global warming” instead of “climate change”, which is not much better. Ask me if I believe in global warming, and I’ll ask you — warming since when?

The journalist, Adriana Barton, has dutifully repeated Orwellian newspeak, and wins today’s award for The Destruction of the English Language.

Can anyone name a single white guy who denies the climate changes? (And more to the point, for pedantic trolls, is that a person who is a well known skeptic, i.e. do they matter?)

What else could the phrase “to deny climate change” mean? Hands up, who thinks that the climate has not changed since that Thursday afternoon when Earth was formed in 4.5 billion BC (pace Ian Plimer)?

In their arts degree, I thought journalists wrote essays on “transcending existential paradigms”, “stripping assumptions bare”, and you-know, writing… accurately?  What’s the difference between an “investigative” journalist and an unwitting sock puppet, who can tell?  Activists, and some pollies, want the public to think that those who disagree with the UN are the kind of barking mad, grumpy old sods who are too stupid to realize that, you know, the climate changes.

The debate is about whether man-made emissions are changing the global climate, not about whether the climate changes.

The UN defines “climate change” as being man-made. But that’s no reason to dump centuries of functional discipline of words like “denies”, “change” and “climate”.

It’s a reason to ask why the UN is a/ incompetent with English, or b/ getting away scott-free with Orwellian perversions.

When they bastardize our common language, and fog the debate with inaccuracy, they win. How many readers of the The Globe and Mail read the headline, or the story, and think skeptics deny the climate changes?

This misinformation is propaganda.


PS: We already know past studies showed skeptics are smarter.



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