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The pendulum is swinging back now: Climate Rap

This is a great turning point. I know this has been circulating for weeks, but if you haven’t seen this climate rap, do check it out. Good Friday night stuff.

The warmers have been pretending for so long that they are the little guys fighting Big Oil, Big Industry, and Bad Government. The ruse worked so well, that the bubble is ripe for busting. They can’t “fight” the establishment — they are the Establishment.  They have a $144 billion carbon trading scheme, a $243 billion  renewables investment annually, not to mention a UN agency, and whole Western Government Departments spinning their dogma.  What self respecting youth wants to be a useful idiot fighting for their profits?


Thanks to notrickszone for the translation, and the interview with Kilez More.

My hat’s off to him. It’s a great job. Can someone ask him to sing an English version?

Kilez More
Bilderberg EP

Juli 2011

Available now. 🙂

9.2 out of 10 based on 14 ratings