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The Fog of War — more propaganda against Monckton

Anson Cameron makes a PR contribution in the big fog of the Climate War (Please: don’t dump the Monck), and I must say that it’s more sophisticated than the 50 religious academics who have no answer to Monckton and are terrified he might — God-forbid — speak.

Cameron’s been called out from somewhere to go into damage control. The pro-tax-team might be catching on to the idea that academics and clumsy GetUP campaigns have helped the skeptics no end. (Ta boys!)

Cameron’s better than the brutes-of-silence, and pretends to be oh-so-sensible and wise, but in the end the pretext that underlies his commentary is a joke. He can point to lots of keywords that are ripe for mockery, but when it comes down to it, Mr Cameron can’t explain why Monckton is wrong on the climate. Oh, he can link to Real Climate and mention the Stefan-Boltzman equation, but can’t explain it (I assume, or he would have; this is his only substantial point after all).

Cameron resorts to ad hom after ad hom, probably doesn’t realize how anti-scientific that is, and pulls out all the usual Monckton Voodoo doll points to stick pins in. But, when it boils down to it, what we are reading, thanks to our tax dollars and the ABC, is essentially the scientific opinion of a fiction writer (Lies I Told About a Girl, Tin Toys, etc etc) who can’t explain why Monckton is wrong, but reckons that the blog site realclimate is right and Monckton is wrong.

I guess poor cad, no one has told him that realclimate is run by the same guys who withhold their data, use tricks to hide declines, turn graphs upside down accidentally, and base much of their work around a tree species known to be the wrong one for the job.

This is, of course, par for the course for a quality piece of ABC “science discussion” (aka propaganda). Ergo, Ad hominem Unleashed strikes again.

Put Anson and Christopher in a room and let them go head to head over the Stefan-Boltzman equation. Cameron’s climate science knowledge would be crushed to dust, ground into the floor, and blown away by the first light breeze.

But, this is how the fog of war is created. Cameron and others feed these character assassinations out to the fawning fans of groupthink and authority. The vicious attacks strike out against those few who stand up against the establishment, and train the minions to repeat the ad homs. In the PR war, those fooled by Monckton’s “clown disguise” turn up in hope of an easy target for some jubilant self-satisfying mocking.

It’s a travesty of modern media that a serious commentator has to wave a red-flag target for the bulls of bluster to get them to come out and play. It’s the bait for their narcissistic overconfidence. They think they can whack him down.

If you are jack of the low-standards at the ABC like I am, maybe it’s time to start lobbying for our tax dollars to be used elsewhere. I’m thinking that there’s a billion dollars to play with, and apart from Chris Uhlman and the ABC kids program, I’m not feeling too precious about the rest. What say you? A few hundred million more for medical research, and for education programs in logic and reason?

I’m sure Tony Jones could find a good PR job with a green organization in no time.

Hat tip: Linda M

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