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Labor sets new record in Unpopularity – worst result since World War II


The latest Morgan Poll:

In the first Australia-wide voting intention poll conducted since Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the details of the Carbon Tax the latest telephone Morgan Poll conducted over the last two nights, July 13/14, 2011 shows the L-NP 60.5% with a record winning lead over the ALP 39.5% – the worst Two-Party preferred voting result for Labor since the first Roy Morgan Gallup Poll conducted in May 1942.

The L-NP primary vote is 52.5%, nearly double the ALP 27.5%. Support for the minor parties shows the Greens 10.5% and Others/ Independents 9.5%.

Stephen Harper, estimates that if this were repeated uniformly across all electorates at a general federal election and writes to me that  “Labor would be reduced to a rump of just 29 seats. ..and if things get  two percent worse  (62.5/37.5 2PP) Labor would be reduced to just 17 seats out of 150.”

And people are saying Tony Abbot won’t be able to remove the Carbon Tax.

James Delingpole sets that right, making the canny point that even if Abbott doesn’t control the Senate, with polling like this he won’t be afraid to pull the Double Dissolution trigger, and thus “update” the Senate representation to match the current polling.

2011-2012 Australia totally stuffed. Gillard and her gang of eco-cronies have got you by a very tender part of your anatomy and your only consolation as the carbon tax bites and your economy starts to tank is that Gillard has set herself up as the Worst Prime Minister in Australian history and will take down the Labor Party with her.

2013. Tony Abbott wins landslide victory for the Liberals. He pretends to care about carbon reductions too but this is just a political game. He knows – and everybody knows he knows – that he thinks the whole AGW theory is crap. Unfortunately, the carbon tax cannot be undone immediately. That will have to wait until….

2014. After having his repeated efforts to rescind the carbon tax blocked by the handful of Greens who – more’s the pity – essentially control the casting vote in the Senate, Abbott calls a “double dissolution.” A re-election is called and this time, Australians can properly demonstrate how properly disgusted they feel at having had God’s Own Country urinated on by bleeding heart eco-loons with plaited armpit hair and no understanding of what it means to do a day’s work.

2015 Climate Nuremberg begins (read the rest on his blog).

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