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Cartoon world of Global Warming — watch the message unfold

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What a great video. Enjoy. Skill and talent meet a roomful of science.

Thanks to encounterbooks

I like it!

Hat tip to Christian K in Germany. 🙂



PS: I’m touring at the moment with Monckton, sorry for the gaps between posts. It’s much fun all round, especially as journalists try to trip him up and come unstuck, as did the ABC this morning, when Adam Spencer was so  angry that Christopher had excellent answers to all the questions that he hung up mid-interview. Ouch for him. Monckton was nonplussed about this interview, so much so, he couldn’t remember who the interviewer was he told us the story this morning.

Why don’t the interviewers do their homework and read the answers the Monckton has given to Abrahamson and others before they try to “enjoy” scoring points? These are the holes you might step in if you don’t read both sides of the story. When will the believers wake up and realize they’ve been living in a groupthink bubble?

As I’ve said — Monckton puts on a clown disguise, arrogant interviewers think that it will be an easy kill, and they get shocked when they discover the man is razor sharp and so used to be being attacked he has an answer before they ask…

The presentations in Newcastle went very well. There are many well informed and dedicated skeptics there.

From Andrew Bolt:

“Listen to Spencer’s attempt to discredit Monckton without tackling his arguments here and, and post hang-up, here.”

Bolt covers the events here: http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/monckton_offered_a_debate/

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