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Greens run and hide from poll results

The Greens are a community oriented party, and often ask for feedback. Indeed they’ve been searching for feedback on their emissions trading plan for over two years on their blog.

“Do you support the Greens’ plan on emissions trading?”

Their blog visitors were giving them a clear message. Of 2268 voters, 80% didn’t like their plan.

Even though this poll started on May 4th, 2009, within 2 hours of the link being posted here, a dreadful accident must have occurred and the page disappeared to a 403 error. It wasn’t just lost from Sarah Hanson-Young’s blog, it also disappeared from Bob Brown’s blog, and Adam Bandt’s blog. (It had taken them many blog-page-years to amass those results, which says something about traffic stats of the Greens blog.)

To help them I’ve saved a screen capture, with the results.

Greens Poll

The long running successful poll has mysteriously been taken over by what looks like a feral cat.

Greens poll results disappear

If you read the text you can appreciate the unwittingly pithy humor of the Greens. They’ve quite captured something (the stern-school-ma’am-talks-down-to-a-naughty-boy).

Oh no! You don’t have access to view that page!

Please don’t try to access things that you don’t have access to. They could be secret files and plans, or copies of our private banking details. Most likely it will be something boring like the receipt for the coffee machine. If we had a coffee machine. I think we deserve a coffee machine, don’t you?

But DON’T PANIC! You can always just go back. Or forward. Or even sideways. We won’t impose any directional stipulations on your exit. You’re free! Alternatively, you could get involved in the Greens. Then we might give you access. Well, we’ll have to ask serious cat first, obviously…

(Steve saved a slightly more up to date shot, showing “81%” say NO with even more votes – 1818 NOes and 450 Yeses.)

Celebrate Diversity, Listen to the People, and ignore anyone you disagree with:

I browsed and finally found a headline I could agree with : Australia is an ’embarrassment’ on climate change”. Alas, the text was :

“Were you to arrive in Australia and read the front pages of our newspapers you would be forgiven for thinking that we are living in some type of black hole, devoid of information, news and expert opinion from the rest the world.”

“What other possible explanation could there be for the ignorance of those who warn of the end of civilisation were a carbon tax to established…”

I thought  I’d help spur on the comments on the Greens blog, which is struggling to get two responses on a thread, and tried to add this to the thread last week. (None of it has got past moderation yet.) Remember, I used to be a member:

Devoid of Information?

I was shocked when I looked at the evidence and discovered that there is no observable, empirical evidence to support warming greater than 1 degree. Only climate models, with exaggerated assumptions about the behaviour of water vapor and clouds, amplify rising-CO2 into a catastrophe.

Science is being exploited to serve other purposes and thousands of scientists are blowing the whistle. The Greens unfortunately haven’t seen the backlash that’s coming as the public wake up to the litany of half-truths.

Look at the evidence, not the pronouncements of committees. The truth lies in the measurements of weather balloons, satellites, and ocean buoys.

The more the Greens hide from the debate and the words of critics the weaker they become. It’s only through real discussion, and free speech that a group grows stronger.

If you have to hide a comment that is polite, you have much to fear.


I can see why they don’t get much traffic.

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