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130,000 Australians say No Carbon Tax, Greens flop, Labor issues biblical scare campaign

What a week downunder, just in case you missed it.

We’re a nation, up in arms. With three months til G-Day (when the Greens control the Senate on July 1) and the tax-based-on-a-lie likely to become legislation, the heat is on. Protests and smears are running strong. Forces are being mobilized, and people are being polarized. Yet the public is abandoning the carbon tax, and the parties who promote it.

As the mass rally movements begin the Big Scare Campaign fans responded with smears to paint the rally-goers as extreme fringe, loonies and nutters. The fringe in this case turns out to be 4 out of 5 people.¬† Who are the “deniers”? When asked, do you support the carbon tax? One hundred and thirty thousand people said NO.

83% of the Channel¬† Nine poll don’t want a carbon tax.

The Labor Party sent out biblical climate speaking notes to all it’s ministers the floods and droughts are coming, oceans will rise up and wash away your home, there will be burning bushes, and the storms will kill your firstborn (or words to that effect). And they howl about Abbot running a fear campaign. Wait for the advice about the seven plagues of locusts. It’s coming.

Tim Flannery admitted we’re doing all this to help people 1000 years from now, (just on the off chance you havent heard) and now, a day after Bolt eked that admission from him, people all round the world know it. [ The Australian, in the UK and, Watts Up too. See the Youtube version]. We can all feel a bit sorry for Tim, he’s been talking within self-serving groupthink committees for so long, he was blindsided when he finally got asked the question that should have been asked ten years ago.

The Greens flopped: The NSW election held yesterday showed that people who deserted Labor did not go to the Greens en masse, they went to the conservatives and in droves. A massive 17% swing against the long running Labor party resulted in a minor 1% gain for the Greens. The Greens had hoped to win 1 or even 2 seats (winning any seat would be a first) but the Labor party appear to have retained those two inner city seats. (The SMH site says both:¬† Balmain is too close to call, but on it’s map, the ALP won.)

$12 billion dollars was spent on carbon reduction and no one can point to any useful outcome

The independent Melbourne think tank the Grattan Institute, analysed the more than $12bn of state and federal funding for more than 300 carbon reduction schemes and renewable energy programs over the past 15 years and found the result was mostly negligible.

This is what happens when governments try to pick winners. Both sides of politics tried, and both sides failed.

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