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Green Hit list: Wasted money and brain power

TWAWKI found something he calls a green hit list.

The “Carbon Capture report” tucks away more meaningless data about you than you could hope to (not) have to read: Factoids you didn’t know existed, don’t want to understand and never cared to compare.

There is so much money sloshing around in The Big Scare Campaign, someone at the University of Illinois has created a massive database with an amazing array of superficial-to-the-point-of-meaningless data. Have you ever wondered what the NewsTone of joannenova.com.au was — and if I told you it to the second decimal place, does that change anything about the weather? Apparently, “0.36” and slightly “green”, whatever that means. The crew-with-too-much-money have created some autobot crawlers (presumably) that check language on tweets and posts and rate it all for polarization, activity, personalization, blah blah and to the nth blah.

Look closely and you can see part of the GNP of the West evaporating. Pfft.

The entry for someone called Joanne Nova is here.

Could this be your tax dollars at work?

I can’t be bothered trying to figure out what these indicators mean. None of it is obvious, the numbers don’t match up with the number of tweets or posts I’ve done, nor the number of  tweet “followers” I have, nor any particular fact I can figure with a 2 minute glance. But hey, it’s flattering in an inane, passing kind of way. (ie not much).


As usual, it’s all about perception, and presentation.

You’ve got to wonder:

Find the logic

Let’s spend a moment in the Attention category. I might get 23, but is that good? Steven McIntyre scores 12, but Anthony Watts scores 89, Marc Morano 88,  Benny Pieser 4.5, Michael Mann 83, and to make it all nonsensical Phillip Jones redlines it with just 3.36. But James Delingpole is in a class of his own with 0.97 though even he can’t ramp up the “polarization” score above 7.8 out of 100, though he does manage to get the tone into the red half. Congrats  James. (Though so does Phillip Jones). The blogging force, Andrew Bolt does not seem to exist. Though nearly everyone else gets an entry: Bob Carter, Andrew Montford, Steven Mosher, Nigel Calder

My husband “David Evans” has an entry, though his name confounds the bots. The first news entry of his “142 records” does belong to him, but he’s not the David Evans who revised Hudson River dredging methods, and hasn’t written for Reuters India, as far as we know. Don’t buy any “David Evans” puts, calls or futures based on decimals in his tally.

Steven McIntyre is apparently more polarized than Anthony Watts. But actually nearly everyone is polarised at around 6 or 7%. Whatever. I can feel IQ points being drained merely by spending time on the site.

It’s a bit like decoding hieroglyphics, except not as useful. I’m wondering if it’s all cute hoax, and a random number generator filled in the boxes.

Couldn’t someone get these people onto something like SETI, or Brazilian Beetle morphology?

The About section implies some people even pay for this service, and if somehow that covers the costs, and the subscriptions are not from government funded budgets, then good-o, I wish their business the best of luck.


The Carbon Capture Report (http://www.carboncapturereport.org/) is a free and open service of the University of Illinois devoted to being the preeminent global resource for tracking worldwide perception and developments in Climate Change, Carbon Capture, Carbon Credits, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, Green Energy, Biofuels, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Coal, and Oil. With subscribers in more than 100 countries the Report has become the go-to resource for daily insight into the global media discourse.

There is a complete analytical report generated every 24 hours just to imprison a few billion more electrons in futile mindless loops, and quite possibly (who knows) to suck a few more dollars out of pockets of real workers.

Thanks to Helen and TWAKI for the tip.

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