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Two million pageviews

Well, well, well. Google Analytics clocked up 2 million pageviews for joannenova.com.au in the last 12 months:

(*If anyone has a friend in Chad, Niger, or Zaire, you could email them and we could bump that country tally up to 200. Similarly, I’ve bombed out in Turkmenistan and North Korea. I guess there are places where “climate change” is not even a question they would ask in phone surveys … if they had surveys, or I guess, phones. Those are lands where esoteric debates about carbon footprints are irrelevant.)

All up, around 3,000 visitors drop in each and every day, and it often spikes to 5,000 – 7,000 (many of the unique visitors visit more than once).

Just for comparison’s sake, Quadrant online announced it had one million plus page views per annum, back in September. Coincidentally Quadrant and I  both started out at about the same time, they with 156 supporters, and me with with one (thanks David. :-)).

Along the way lots of others have helped with the Tip Jar, some repeatedly, and I do so appreciate it. Even spare change. (If most readers gave 10 cents per view, I’d have a very decent salary :-).  I started a special thank you list of names, but where do I draw the line? Some people have been very generous, and sometimes a small donation from a person with six kids and not much to spare can be just as motivating. I decided instead to stick with personal emails. (Give me time, I will get my email list up to date!).

Behind the scenes I get help with references, ideas and information from people like Michael Hammer, George White, Tony Cox, Richard Courtney, William Kinninmonth, David Stockwell as well as Mark, Oggi, Curt, Jack, Thomas, Anne-Kit, Allen M, Graeme Y, Speedy, Janama, Tel, Roy, I can’t possibly thank everyone who has contributed to the site somehow, Christopher, Brian, Roy, Eddy, and I’ll get into trouble if I try… to commentors here and to those who take these ideas to far flung sites. Thank you all. Thanks to the unsung moderation heroes. Then there’s the global translation team … especially Jorn and Ralph, Ian (you see what I mean, I can’t stop, and I know I’m leaving out so many good names — please forgive me). It goes to show I guess just what a community effort it really is.

In odd moments I occasionally try thinking of ways to make this “sustainable” (mostly I wonder if I will ever master the art of the 200-word-post). It became a full time approach in the lead up to Copenhagen and I kept imagining it would slow down, and I would go back to other things… ha ha ha.

With our government becoming a Green Controlled Senate in July 2011, there’s no time off for sane Australians in the foreseeable future (though to stay sane, I might have to take time off ;-)). If you have a big spending egregiously wasteful idea, don’t send it to the Australian Parliament (most likely, they’re already onto it).

One of the benefits from investing so much time in this is the people I meet: the salt of the earth, honest-to-the-end altruists with integrity. The AGW scare is an excellent sieve. There are true gems, independent thinkers, determined spirits, ground breaking scientists. Good good people.

David and I have also been fortunate to have met and get to know quite a list of Senators and MLA’s, and a few notable business leaders, largely thanks to a couple of sympathetic influential local contacts. (Thanks Mark, Ron, and also thanks to the CIS.) Those events have been some of the highlights. Likewise — Heartland. There’s no other organisation quite like it.

I’ve said it before, when skepticism goes mainstream, I’ll miss that great filter…

It’s been a busy year. From the “about” page:

Jo Nova has been mentioned or referenced by The Australian [World wide web of doubt, Hot and bothered , Let’s have a debate, Aunty] , ForbesThe Spectator, Mark Steyn, Andrew Bolt [here and here], ABC (the Drum1, Drum2), The Science and Public Policy Institute, The Hawaii Reporter, James Delingpole of The Telegraph (and here and here too), Christopher Booker, and The Examiner, The West Australian. She’s been blamed for the collapse of the ETS and named in the Australian Parliament and the Oxfam report on skeptics. Jo did a five part debate with Dr Andrew Glikson, first through Quadrant Online, then at her own blog. The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne listed Jo Nova as the balancing counterpoint to the combined scientific weight of The UN and government departments. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald tried to disparage her with an ad hominem. So did Clive Hamilton. Of course, Joanne has her own DeSmog Blog page.

Jo has been interviewed on The John Batchelor Show (NY) [1] [2] and with Michael Smith on 4BC and on Global Cooling Radio.

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