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The parodies of the 10:10 eco-attack-dogs begin

Done over and flicked right back at the eco-terrorists. The Final Solution. No doubt re-edited for an infinitely smaller price and exactly no public expenditure. There’s no holding back the free spirited.
[Warning: Like all the 10:10 derivatives this contain graphic violence. Not for children!]

Or the Jihadi extreme version:


And EU Referendum has found a copy of the “Making of Splattergate” which just shows how totally serious and self-absorbed these people are. (Did none of the parents of these kids think this would be a tiny bit unwise as a educational concept?) You can go there and watch good British kids speak like up-and-coming suicide bombers.

My first post on this was Sick green-psycho-stars want to kill your children. Seriously, the original 10:10 master is the kind of vid you can send to people you would not normally send things to, think especially of women or mums. Explain that this shocking movie will give them some idea of why you are motivated to work against the dangerous extreme green meme.

As well as making Green Groups denounce it, we need to help all the 10:10 supporters realize just how much it hurts them to be seen within 500 miles of the 10:10 decimating banner.

Has anyone got time to research and list them with contact details?

Send in those other parodies…

UPDATE #1: Thank you!

This is a gem, darkly. No Pressure: No Choice

h/t exp

My response: Sick green-psycho-stars want to kill your children

H/t first two youtubes, BillieQuiz and Alexander Davidson.

UPDATE #2:  irrelevant little aside here

Ht Mark Gillar: He spotted Gillian Anderson’s success at picking dud scare campaigns and found a cringeworthy moment. Here she is on Letterman in 99 telling us and how devastating Y2K is going to be (and worse, how much research she has done on it). Look out: the audience hears her apocalyptic vision and breaks out into laughs and she’s flummoxed, baffled even, “Why are you guys laughing?”

LETTERMAN: Are you concerned about the end of the Millennium? (laughter)

GILLIAN: Actually, you know what? I actually have been doing a lot of research on Y2K. I have indeed. Did you… Do have a specific question? Am I interrupting?

LETTERMAN: I have many. (laughter) (cheers and applause) Well, it’s my show. I’ve got to talk occasionally.


LETTERMAN: No, this is how dumb I am. I didn’t know anything about the Y2K till a couple of months ago, and I’m thinking, I’m thinking, well, certainly people must have been working on this since like the 1940’s, and it turns out nobody’s been working on it at all.

GILLIAN: Well, no, I think in a way that they have been. But the problem was that they had a specific language for computers way back then, and when that language was invented, they had no idea that the computer was going to take off. And so, every other language that has been built up on top of that and on top of that, and it’s about getting back to that initial language.

LETTERMAN: Now, when you hear people talk about what might go wrong, they can paint a very dire picture.

GILLIAN: Oh, absolutely.

LETTERMAN: Give us an example of how bad things might be. This is a conjecture, it’s conjecture, but it might be.

GILLIAN: Well, you know, there’s a possibility that there could be a huge food shortage in stores, that…

LETTERMAN: Born of what? Why is there… What is the computer thing have to do with food shortage?

GILLIAN: Well, because in terms of, like… In terms of getting the food in the trucks to go to all the different cities around, and if the computers aren’t working to regulate that system, then…

LETTERMAN: Everything breaks down.

GILLIAN: Then everything kind of breaks down.

LETTERMAN: So dependent have we become on the computer.

GILLIAN: Oh, absolutely– which is so ironic, because I think what this is about right now is, this is an opportunity for us to get back to basics in a sense, and for us to unite as communities to help each other, so that eventually, if there is a devastating effect, that at least we can join together with the people around us, instead of, you know, acting out of fear and robbing our neighbors for food, or for money, or whatever, because there’s nothing around. And the ironic thing is that… Why are you guys laughing?


Letterman knows what’s going on… the irony flows:

GILLIAN: Because I’m so serious?

LETTERMAN: You’ve got them… They’re worried.

GILLIAN: Let me finish making my point.

LETTERMAN: People are scared now. You’ve frightened us again.

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