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Backlash Part II for the PR hacks

This moment is shaping up to become a part of modern folklore.

The toll for the reputations of all involved in SplatterGate continues, and this downfall is so worth documenting.

The Wall St Journal

But it’s evil, not just stupid. Some critics, such as Don Surber and The American Spectator, describe the video’s message as, in the words of Surber’s headline, “Just Blow Up Global Warming Skeptics.” Even this is an understatement. The “crime” for which the children in the video are “executed” is one of omission, not commission. They are murdered not even for dissenting against 10:10’s political crusade, but merely for being indifferent to it. This is the essence of totalitarianism.

One may hope that Jim Edwards is right when he denies that “this is actually what environmentalists want.” But it’s bad enough that this is what they fantasize about–and that they manifestly felt no inhibition about airing such a depraved fantasy in public.

The Independent h/t Benny Pieser

As often as 10:10 tried to pull the film off YouTube, their critics re-posted it.

This, at least, proves what a cataclysmic misjudgement Curtis had made. When you try to satirise the critics of your campaign, and it turns out that those very critics embrace your film as demonstrating exactly what they find unbearable about the climate-obsessed eco-lobby, then you know that you have kicked the ball into your own net. Unfortunately, just as a star footballer who scores a spectacular own goal must now endure his foolishness being viewed endlessly on the internet, so Richard Curtis will have this hanging round his neck, like a stinking fish, for as long as he is successful enough to be worth mocking.

The Daily Telegraph

It’s important to grasp the quasi-religious nature of the 10:10 pressure group. Irrespective of where you stand on AGW, it’s clear that its pernickety commandments, most of them involving energy-saving lightbulbs, won’t make any difference to the fate of the planet. But they do have a sacred significance, as do the deaths in the Curtis snuff movie. There’s nothing like the prospect of the ritual slaughter of children to excite prophecy believers, in my experience.

Greenwise Business report Kyocera are reconsidering their funding for 10:10

Tracey Rawling Church, director of Brands and Reputation at Kyocera Mita, said: “We are not happy with the content of the film. We were very shocked by the movie and consider it to represent a grave error of judgement.”

Rawling Church, who was keen to point out that the Kyocera Mita had had no part in the film, or knowledge of it, said the company was now considering its sponsorship relationship with 10:10.

…Sony said it “strongly condemned the release”

Sony UK was one of the companies planning a series of carbon cutting activities in partnership with 10:10 this week, in the build up to its ‘Day of Doing’, a major event 10:10 is planning for Sunday October 10. It said today: “[This] video risks undermining the work of the many thousands of members of the public, schools and universities, local authorities and many businesses, of which Sony is one, who support the long-term aims of the 10:10 movement and are actively working towards the reduction of carbon emissions.”

IowaHawk graphically captures just how much effort went into such a dog of a film.

“Perhaps what we need is a fresh new campaign,” offers one of the conferees. “Something different, provocative… something edgy. Something that will really get our message across.” This is greeted with great excitement. The finance director pours through spreadsheets and identifies a budget source. An executive screening committee is appointed who develop timelines and begin scheduling meetings with London’s top agencies and independent film production firms.

Several weeks later, after sitting through a half dozen agency presentations that have yet to meet their standards, 10:10’s highly paid executive brain trust arrives at a meeting at the sleek offices of  London’s hottest agency Splodey, Youngblood, Gutz & Bones. After introductions, small talk, and pastries, SYG&B’s creative director – winner of 5 British Clio awards – strolls confidently to the television monitor at the front of the room and walks the 10:10 clients through a scene-by-scene video storyboard pitching a new promotional mini-movie that will solve their communication dilemma. The smoothness of the presentation masks the hundreds of late night man-hours and debating the SYG&B creative department spent in crafting it – but it was worth it.

“Brilliant!” exclaims the 10:10 executive committee chair, to the enthusiastic nods of his colleagues. “Add one more exploding child, and I think we have a winner.”

This has got to be the biggest FAIL in the entire history of the internet. Anyone remotely associated with the production of this film should forever be banished from any public institution in the English speaking world, and immediately referred for psychiatric evaluation.

Vox populi romps in with the glorious image of fighting enviro-nazi’s who are armed with solar powered tanks:

I had previously preferred the term “global warming fascists”, but the term simply doesn’t do justice to these twisted, human-hating idealogues.  It appears we may end up eventually having to go to war with the sick bastards should they take over a country or two just like we did with their German predecessors; as with the National Socialists, the global warming extremists genuinely believe that their mad pseudo-scientific myths justify killing people.

Fortunately, given that their tanks will be solar-powered and their cruise missiles will be launched by turbine windmills, it should take a lot less than five years to defeat them…

Greenpeace are caught like wombats in the headlights — and simultaneously distance themselves while they stand their ground (confused — yes):

(from DBKP)

The Daily Caller went looking for reactions from other environmentalists groups, and could only wrangle a tepid condemnation from Greenpeace, who said:

“As an organization committed to non-violence, I think you can imagine how Greenpeace views this material. At this time, the only people promoting the material are climate skeptics and think tanks funded by corporations known for lobbying against climate change legislation.”

In other words, things would settle down, if the sinister forces of well-funded corporate climate-change skepticism would just get out of the way, and let 10:10 finish flushing this turd down the memory hole. Once again, Greenpeace illustrates the utter inability of the Left to deal with opposing ideas. They can’t allow for the possibility of honest dissent. They can’t even handle their own words being repeated back to them. No group besides Greenpeace had anything to say about this disgusting film at all. In fact, Greenpeace didn’t really say anything about it. They just told us to imagine what their response would be, given their sacred commitment to non-violence.

And Donna Le Framboise points out that they ought to sack their PR team. Couldn’t they see this coming?

Grumpyoldtwat has a barbed copy of a Richard Curtis interview where he innocently describes his enthusiasm for the “humour” of blowing up kids while silent images of terrorism are juxtaposed in the background. Grumpy has a wicked dark sense of comic timing.

The inevitable “Downfall” spoof by Boiling Frog

People compiling video’s of Pachauri targetting children

American Spectator

h/t to Tom Nelson and Benny Pieser for several links here.

UPDATE — MORE “Bad News”

Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

Miranda Devine

(The 10:10 video) was the considered message from the very heart of the global green movement: you stand in the way of our plans and we will eliminate you. Your friends might be shocked as the gore of your atomised body attaches itself to their faces, but not too much – just a little gasp and on we go.

…whichever way you dress it up, the climate alarmist message ultimately can be boiled down to death.

The American Spectator

In Positively Giddy Franny, Paul Chesser uses Frannies own Twitter account to highlight the immature intellectual acuity of Franny:

The first “sorry” certainly had an “Age of Stupid” tone about it, which is the title of high-flying Franny Armstrong‘s aviation-causes-global-warming crockumentary from last year. 10:10’s Franny helped make the Splattergate video as well, which she was extremely giddy about as Friday’s release date approached. Among the comments from (Fannies) Twitter account leading up to the debut:

  • Off to #spurs to blow up some footballers for #1010 mini movie. Will try to send pics. 6:04 AM Sep 16th
  • First #spurs player gets exploded (link is to a bloody special effects photo). Anyone hazard a guess as to who it is? 7:24 AM Sep 16th
  • Oh oh oh oh oh just seen final version of #1010’s explosive mini movie oh oh oh oh oh oh gulp yeah oh oh eek oh Thu Sep 30 2010
  • Ever wondered what the inside of David Ginola looks like? Find out in 2.5 hours… Thu Sep 30 2010
  • Any plans to install a No Pressure button in the House of Commons? 5:21 AM Oct 1st
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