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Throwing the Hate Crime Grenade

Hate Crime legislation is the last resort of those with no real case. It’s the last resort in the “shut-up” campaign that Team-Carbonari have been running against the free world for two decades. The unverifiable, unknowable crime of intent. (Anyone have one of those Handy-Hate-Meters that reliably measures the dreaded Evil-Score to two decimal places? No? It’s a matter of time…)

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post called Evidence What Evidence? where I dismantled the words of a famous Australian science journalist for parroting bureaucrats and not investigating the evidence. What I wrote is not a recipe for building a better bomb with your Mazda, but Ben E took issue with my pointed discussion in the comments:

“Sad, but scarcely surprising. Sites like this one will eventually be shut down in future updates to hate crime legislation, as they are well on the way to inciting violence and hatred towards scientists and science communicators.”

Willis Eschenbach popped in with a devastating reply that deserved to be repeated.

“Well, let’s review the bidding regarding “violence and hatred” …

James Hansen of NASA wanted trials for climate skeptics, accusing them of high crimes against humanity

Robert Kennedy Jr. called climate skeptics traitors

Yvo de Boer of the UN called climate skepticism criminally irresponsible

David Suzuki called for politicians who ignore climate science to be jailed

DeSmogBlog’s James Hoggan wants skeptics treated as war criminals (video)

Grist called for Nuremberg trials for skeptics

Joe Romm encourages the idea that skeptics will be strangled in their beds

A blogger at TPM pondered when it would be acceptable to execute climate deniers

Heidi Cullen of The Weather Channel called for skeptical forecasters to be decertified

Bernie Sanders compared climate skeptics to Nazi appeasers.

[Not to mention Greenpeace declaring that they know where you live...

and Clive Hamilton who tried to turn your children against you–JN]

So you can take your false accusations against Joanne and compress them until they exceed the Schwarzschild Limit and are sucked into your black hole. Your heroes are the ones counseling violence and hatred. After you deal with that, you can preach to us. Until then, it’s just simple garden variety hypocrisy.


I summed it up:

So the bullies accuse us of bullying.

Those on the team who earn billions accuse us of taking money.

Those who repeat illogical error after error tell us we can’t think.

Those who don’t know what evidence is think we don’t have any.

Those who deny the obvious call us deniers.

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