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Spot the real denier

Cartoon: What they want

A denier has many tactics to stop people talking about evidence. The real deniers here are those pushing a fake crisis.

To stop discussion:

  1. Real deniers claim something needs to be peer reviewed in order to be discussed. (Bad luck for Galileo and Einstein eh?) At the very least this slows down debate for up to a year, instead of discussing results that are right in front of us now.
  2. Real deniers claim it only “counts” if it comes from a certified climate scientist. (A flaw is a flaw, it doesn’t matter who points it out.)
  3. If it is peer reviewed, then real deniers claim it only counts if it comes from certain journals. (The climate IS what it IS, regardless of anything printed in any journal.)
  4. They claim something can’t be right because it would disagree with thousands of papers. They mock and laugh, but provide no evidence. Not a single paper. (Then they claim that it’s not a single paper but a “body of work”. Which disagrees with point 1.)
  5. Real deniers assert it must be wrong because there is a “consensus”. Notice how they won’t talk about evidence? Scientists don’t vote for natural laws. Science is not a democracy.
  6. If all else fails, they call people names like … “Denier!” Other variations include, Delayer, Inactivist, Conspiracy Theorist, or Do-Nothing! Since they can’t back it up, this is baseless namecalling.
  7. When they can’t find a real flaw, they look at “funding” and imagine one. (Real scientists research nature. Fake scientists google for dirt.)
  8. Real Deniers deny that instruments are right. No! The simulations are more real than reality. Trust the models!
  9. They threaten dissenters with jail (for fictitious crimes). Climate Criminals!

Peer review is done by two anonymous, unpaid colleagues.

You get what you pay for and peer review is free.

If a company were audited like this, by two anonymous unpaid friends, the SEC would be jailing people.

Who is the real denier?

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