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Clouds dominate everything

Cartoon: Cumulo Maximus

Al Gore describes how carbon dioxide beats up Mr Sunbeam and stops him leaving the atmosphere. But he “forgot” to mention that clouds reflect around a quarter of all the sunlight that hits the earth. Those beams of light travel all the way from the sun to get bounced off into space when they are just a few kilometers from the ground.

Any change in cloud cover makes a major difference. The IPCC assumes clouds respond to warming, but clouds could easily drive the warming.

There are lots of things that could potentially change cloud cover, which would affect our climate. Things like cosmic rays (see page 18), changes in patterns of ocean temperature, land clearing, or aerosols all affect clouds.

The models not only get the feedback effects of clouds wrong, they appear to mix cause and effect

Clouds reflect around a quarter of all the sunlight that hits the earth

Cartoon: Tiny carbon knob on climate control box

The earth has its own evaporative cooler—rain

Evaporation and rain keep the planet 50°C cooler. Fifty! Eighty percent of the natural greenhouse effect is due to humidity and clouds. Clouds cover 60% or so of the entire planet. No one has any idea whether cloud cover was the same in 1200, or 1800, or even 1950. It’s a guess.

The IPCC and the modellers admit they don’t do clouds or rain well. But these factors are the master “knobs” on Earths’ climate control unit.

If the computer simulations are only out by a few percent, any tiny change in evaporation, clouds or rain will wipe out the warming from carbon and it can do it in days.

The climate models rely on best guesses, assumptions and estimates. The models are incredibly accurate on dozens of points that don’t really matter, but they stab in the dark at the one or two points that do.

Source: 50°C cooler, “Water Cycle” NASA Science.

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This post fits especially well with the page on Feedbacks since one of the most powerful factors amplifying or dampening any effect of carbon are clouds.

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