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Legislation based on fraud still has a chance

Hockey declares conscience vote!

News: If Hockey wins tomorrow and becomes leader of the Opposition, he will allow a conscience vote. This means only seven senators need to vote for the huge ETS package and it would still get in.

Tony Abbot is now the best chance there is to delay this legislation. Abbott vs Hockey tomorrow.

A conscience vote? This has what this has come down too? Our elected representatives think a topic of science is decided by conscience? (Well why not? Just roll the dice!)

Shall we ask the clouds if they have an ethical code about warming the planet? Talk to thermometers and see if they are morally upstanding?

History will damn the Liberals as unscientific cowards afraid to stand up to bullies who call people names rather than discuss the evidence. Parliament is not that far from the stone age.

Thanks to Mattb for the heads up.

Allen F yesterday commented:
“The other most widely suggested leader is Joe Hockey”

Not a wise choice, in my opinion. His wife is head of foreign exchange
and global finance at Deutsche Bank, one of the leading financial houses
pushing carbon trading. Can Hockey distance himself from the suggestion
of undue influence? The same cloud hangs over Turnbull, formerly head
of Goldman Sachs in Oz.

I too am uncomfortable with the close links to banking profits. The ETS offers untold fortunes in trading.

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